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France was offered to answer for the illegal bombing of Syria

Experts did not find the facts of the use of chemical weapons by the government forces of Syria.

14 April 2018 The United States of America, Great Britain and France participated in an operation to inflict rocket and air strikes on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The main reason for this was allegedly the use of chemical agents by Syrian government forces, in particular, a statement was made that the troops of Bashar Assad used airplanes to drop ammunition with chemical poisoning substances (chlorine - ed.).

As part of the investigation, the Organization for the Prohibition of the Use of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) did identify some chlorine media, however, it was established that these were cylinders with toxic substances, and it was reported that the poison gas was released mechanically, i.e. ., through the valve. In fact, this means that the bombing of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic was unreasonable, especially since European leaders were in favor of not waiting for the results of the official investigation, but of delivering a preemptive strike.

Military experts from the People's Republic of China suggested that France give an adequate response to the actions related to the invasion of Syria, since in fact, it was this country that insisted on applying missile and air strikes against the Arab state.

"The French president tried to prove to the whole world that the bombing of the territory of Syria is justified and the only true step in preserving lives for ordinary citizens. As it turned out, any interference of France in the affairs of a sovereign state was completely unfounded, and now, for sure, France should be held accountable for its actions ", - experts from China note.

It should be clarified that on the night of 14 April the territory of Syria was subjected to a massive blow from the Western coalition, and although most of the missiles were destroyed even on the approach, than the Syrian air defense weapons demonstrated the highest effectiveness, but the damage to civilian objects, yet it was inflicted, which requires the receipt of official comments from France.

It is necessary to talk about a crime against humanity. as the German fascists did. But after all again all will be put on brakes, instead of on behalf of Syria and Russia, + Kimtai of England to submit !!!

In addition to damages, let them also reimburse the cost of the missile launchers used to repel an attack

Let them now restore everything that they bombed and reimburse all the costs incurred by Syria. Together with the USA and England !!!

An open modern hybrid war is being waged against Russia. Everything that is connected with Russia will be attacked. It's for a very long time.

And what else can we expect from them ...? benefactors that they had ... was closely ...

Asked, 96 percent for !!! You do not know? Do not follow the world news?

And give! I'm listening to the Crimea! What did they want to ask?

I wonder what justification you want to hear from an inadequate politician? he "that dreamed something and sings." but he dreams a lot ... soon we will hear about the bombing of Syria, because there the Martians landed. Macron himself saw them ...

Let them revive the dead ..

They attacked the country with a heap like Gopnik. There the war is on, they will not be able to respond to the blow. Jackals are cowardly.

All the questions to the "peacekeepers", such as the Americans and their sixes, we are accumulating. But the chance to ask them is already ripening, but from the answer then it will not be gone, not getting out.

Sash, but "about the Crimea ask" can ask the CRIME RESIDENTS?

And let's better ask Russia about the Crimea?

And that the French did not like it, one must beat their technique a bit in Syria, so to speak, they shot at militants, you are not there

And what only France ?? Let everyone answer! It is necessary to put an ultimatum to the UN, but this pseudo-organization only covers the interests of the United States !!! Let them look at how Ukraine bombs the Donbass, let them look like amerikosy on civilians in Syria, missile strikes


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