France announced the supply of 12 more CAESAR self-propelled guns to Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will now have 49 CAESAR howitzers.

After a few weeks ago Denmark announced its intention to transfer 19 CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine, thereby increasing the number of howitzers of this type in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine to 37 units, France announced today its intention to transfer another 12 self-propelled guns to Ukraine CAESAR, thereby increasing the total number of these weapons to 49 units.

The supply of howitzers indicates that Paris is deliberately escalating in Ukraine, specifically providing Kyiv with the weapons that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use to strike at Russian territory. Moreover, experts believe that in the near future France will continue to increase the supply of weapons to Kyiv. Thus, in particular, it is known that Paris is considering transferring Leclerc tanks to Ukraine and Dassault Mirage and Dassault Rafale fighters.

Earlier in Ukraine, they announced that French howitzers are the most effective in terms of their combat use, due to their high rate of fire and maneuverability.


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