Rafale fighter


French Rafale fighters were able to defeat the Russian Su-30 twice

Key Russian partners refuse to buy Russian fighters in favor of the French.

Despite the fact that the capabilities of Russian Su-30 fighters exceed the combat qualities of French Rafale fighters, experts drew attention to two high-profile victories of Rafale combat over Russian Su-30s at once. We are talking about the refusal of key Russian partners to purchase immediately 60 combat Su-30s, which, by the way, are much cheaper than French fighters.

“2019 was more than successful for Rafale. The French company, the manufacturer of these Dassault Aviation fighters, managed to supply 26 customers with Rafale aircraft, which is more than twice the figure in 2018, when only 12 aircraft were sold. And this is a very important indicator, if only because Rafale is fighting for those markets in which Russia is present. For example, India and Egypt, with which the French have already concluded contracts for 36 and 24 aircraft, respectively. And it was Rafale that prompted the Indians to abandon the idea of ​​additional purchases of the Su-30MKI ”., - сообщает UA Info Edition.

Despite the somewhat provocative position of the news publication, it should be clarified that India and Egypt actually chose French combat aircraft instead of Russian fighters, despite the fact that the latter have a much higher cost, which raises a number of questions about this.

Actually, why not? This is called diversification so as not to depend on one supplier. Same thing with currency. The state stores part in gold, part a euro, part in dollars ...

Russian SU-30s are not only cheaper, certainly more reliable. It is well known that RUSSIA’s armament is on top. BUT ... free will is a saved paradise. A holy place does not exist.

And what is the victory !? What did the Indians give on their paw? What a resource ... I'm in shock

correction: VNA Ukraine has no media, only SMRAD - mass media, agitation and misinformation!))

It turns out that cuts and kickbacks are not only in Russia !!!

And I already thought in battle, but I find myself in the space of the Ukrainian media, and in fair capitalist competition. With what I congratulate dear Egypt and India!


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