Rafale fighter


French fighter "Rafale" during takeoff accidentally catapulted the pilot

French Rafale fighter during takeoff catapulted co-pilot.

The newspaper "Le Parisen" published information about the incident that occurred at a military base in France. During the take-off of the Rafale fighter, its second member of the crew was ejected. It happened on Wednesday, the twentieth of March in the Haute-Marne department at the Saint-Dizier military base.

The fighter in 13: 52 local time (15: 52 Moscow) after acceleration broke away from the runway, and at this moment the co-pilot's seat catapult was triggered (navigator). The man, an 64-year-old navigator, was thrown onto the runway. In the fall, he suffered serious injuries and was urgently hospitalized.

The fighter pilot also suffered. He received numerous cuts from shattered glass from the cabin glass. Nevertheless, the pilot made a safe landing. Nothing threatens his life. The hard-hit navigator is also said to be in no danger.

According to the representative of the French Air Force, an investigation was launched on this fact. The reason for which the ejection mechanism has worked has not yet been established.