Where were the "Patriot" for billions? Pentagon demanded to explain inaction of American missile defense

The Pentagon was asked to explain for the inaction of US missile defense in the Middle East.

The American organization, The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, demanded that the head of the US Department of Defense explain himself to the utter futility of US missile defense systems deployed in the Middle East. According to members of one of the leading American organizations, with colossal expenditures on the deployment of missile defense assets, they are completely useless.

“The Iranian regime fired 16 ballistic missiles at Iraqi bases with US forces. In the absence of ballistic missile interceptors, American troops could only watch and wait for the strike. Although not a single American or coalition partner was killed during the attack, the next time things could be different. <...> Although the United States has defensive systems capable of protecting the bases in Ain Assad and Erbil, the bases remained vulnerable because the United States did not have sufficient missile defense capabilities. The United States possessed preliminary launch data, tracked missiles while they were in the air, and provided their troops with an early warning of their approach. But there were no options for intercepting when the missiles were launched. ”- stated in the "Fund for the Protection of Democracies."

Moreover, the United States still cannot say with certainty exactly how many missiles Iran fired - initially reported 14 ballistic missiles launched by Tehran, later only 11 missiles were reported, and today in Washington they say that in reality Iran struck with 16 ballistic missiles. This means that at the time of the strike, the United States did not control the situation at all.

Correct idea.

Iran applause and BRAVO!. One move and what effect !.
Showed to the whole world the absence or worthlessness of Shshatov’s
ABM, air defense and other scrap metal.
There is the same shit on US ships, not PRO. And it’s not ships, but metal Coffins !.
Taxes of US citizens are plundered and spent on the mediocre HOLE and the pockets of the capitalists.
Russia does not need such a system !!!.
Cowardly Washington was only in the bunker able to sit back and pray to their god, clearly Satan.
Even the Washington may attack, but only on peasants with a hoe and a pitchfork.
Iranians are not flayers like Washington !. They warned the swaggering morons that “ABM and anti-aircraft defense” would be tuned up and the meat not hurt. Yes, there is nothing to the BARANS!
Vladimir Putin or the opposition can continue their "vacation"!
Otherwise, it will be very difficult to omit your partner.
Russian people can rejoice! At least one people on earth is able to stand up for their WORLD, without RUSSIANS in the front.

Precisely the Pentagon counted when the rocket fire was completed. And by the number of missile funnels, he found out how many Iran actually released from their bases. It turned out as many as 16 pieces.

Leaky air defense system --- fact!

I would like to say to all American friends: Eh, all these patriots have to go to waste, run faster, take the turn on the C300-C400, otherwise you'll be left behind without protection, it's good to ass to lick the arikos think about your safety :)


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