Golan Heights


UN General Assembly: Israel occupied the Golan Heights and must get out

The UN General Assembly recognized the illegal occupation of the Golan Heights by Israel.

The Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly, by an overwhelming majority, adopted a resolution against the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, deciding that the occupation of this territory, which is part of Syria, is illegal. The draft resolution was supported by the overwhelming number of countries - 151, including Russia, while only two states opposed it - Israel and the United States of America, and 14 countries abstained from voting.

In fact, the UN General Assembly decided that Israel should leave the Golan Heights and remove its military equipment from there, in connection with which the representative of the Jewish state declared that Israel did not recognize such a decision.

"Israel will not leave Golan, and the international community must accept this"- said the representative of the Israeli side.

In Syria, a very sharp reaction was made to such a statement, stressing that the Golan Heights would be returned to the Arab Republic either peacefully or through military conflict.

"Syria will bring the Golans back, peacefully or by war"- said the representative of Syria.

Against the background of the adopted resolution, it was stressed that any actions by Israel would be considered illegal.

“All legislative and administrative measures and actions that have been or will be taken by Israel, the occupying Power, to change the nature and legal status of the occupied Syrian Golan, are invalid, constitute a gross violation of international law and the Geneva Convention on the protection of civil population during the war and have no legal force. "

Will the UN take any measures to counteract Israel while it remains unknown, but the last the shelling of the territory of the Jewish state showed that Israel was defenseless against massive rocket attackswhile representatives of the Hezbollah group declared their readiness to strike at Israel with several thousand missiles.

Judah ben Yury, in your tearful posts he sees very much Semitic "as always shift the blame on others" and a little bit of envy on the subject of petrodollars. War, pardon me, about ... whether because of the holiday, when you can’t walk .... And Israel didn’t and didn’t have rights to occupation, annexation, etc. alien land. All the more you. People without a country. You must pray at the UN that you have received your allotment. Let us cancel all the resolutions and decisions of this organization, and where will your Israel be?

And the occupation of the Crimea, then, is completely legitimate and legitimate. And if we add to this Prussia, the Kuriles, Karelia, etc.

And then what is Russia?

That's right, with the Golan the same story as with the Kuriles - pissed off the war - lost territory. But what kind of "thousand tanks", Jura, go to, Israel has never had any "thousand tanks".

Israel is a fascist state that seized the territory of another country. And that means it is also an aggressor state. Therefore, any actions against Israel, as an occupying state, will be legitimate.

The only democratic state in the Middle East of Israel through the efforts of Islamic fascist states. With solid dictatorships. Which oil blackmail rule in the UN. For years, 70 has failed to cope with the Jewish state aggressively and militarily with the Jewish state delegitimizing it through international organizations paid for with petrodollars. The only question that would have made the UN decision difficult. Israel occupied the Golan? Why? The answer is simple. Because the Golans are hanging over all of Israel. Which is in full view. Below is the only water source. Lake Kinneret. With the Golan, Syria committed aggression by unleashing a war against Israel in the composition of the coalition of Arab countries, succeeding in its holiest holiday for the Jews, EM is boiling. When you can not even walk. From Golan, Egypt from Sinai, Jordan from the east, Lebanon from the north. But after the victory of Israel over the coalition of the Arab aggressors. And the Golan was liberated where thousands of freedom fighters died. And as a result of tank battles on both sides, thousands of tanks were destroyed. Therefore, Israel freed the Golan and annexed them as for aggression. So for strategic appointments for state security. Who does not know. If with Egypt and Jordan Israel has a peace treaty. That with Syria is still a state of war.

The UN has become a completely inadequate structure. any resolution and they scribble continuously. And according to statistics, mainly with the condemnation of Israel. What is even surprising is mystical questions. The whole BV region is on fire genocide in Syria, Libya. In Lebanon, a non-state militarized structure rules. Which unleashes destroying state wars. A parliamentary government has not yet been formed. In Yemen, Iraq, civil wars. Half of Syria is occupied by various terrorist groups. But for some reason, the UN is only concerned about Israel with a state that has an independent judiciary. As the highest court of justice. Which renders verdicts only on the basis of international law. And not state preferences.


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