The bomber Tu-22M3M


Germany: against the Russian Tu-22M protection does not exist

Germany criticized and praised the Russian bombers Tu-22M3.

Military specialists of the German edition of "Stern" subjected to serious criticism of the Russian long-range strategic bomber Tu-22M3, calling it "rarity" and "ancient dinosaur." According to Germany, Russia is simply not able to create a new aircraft and enjoys Soviet development, which, however, is a serious opponent and at the moment.

"To create absolutely new bombers, the Kremlin does not have enough money, so the old ones are being modernized. These include the supersonic bomber Tu-22M, the first models of which were designed in 1972 year. Nevertheless, this "dinosaur" is called upon to start fighting with the powerful US Air Force ", - emphasizes the publication "Stern".

Nevertheless, analysts say that despite its 45-year-old age, the Tu-22M3 bomber is still the most formidable opponent of the American fleet.

"After modernization, a cruise missile will appear on board bombers, which, rising to an altitude of 40 km, is unattainable for US air defense missiles, and when launching, it develops hypersonic speed - at this stage it is currently also can not be knocked down ", - the expert emphasized, telling about the arming of bombers with the "Dagger" complexes.

By the way, it should be noted that the Russian long-range strategic bomber Tu-22M3 has always been considered the main enemy of the US Navy, which is due to the possibility of attacking carrier-based groups without approaching them.

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