Germany will allocate another 4 billion euros to Ukraine this year


Germany will allocate another 4 billion euros to Ukraine this year

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has asked the government to allocate an additional 3,8 billion euros to finance military assistance to Ukraine this year, Bild reports, citing sources. The German budget for 2024 has already allocated 8 billion euros for these purposes, but the current situation requires an increase in financial resources.

The minister's initiative has found support in the Ministry of Finance and a request for the allocation of additional funds is planned to be submitted for parliamentary approval in June. Pistorius noted that increased funding is necessary to ensure timely and effective support for Ukraine in the context of the ongoing conflict.

Currently, Germany is already actively involved in the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the transfer of air defense systems, armored vehicles and ammunition. The new funds will expand the volume of assistance and speed up deliveries, which, according to the minister, is extremely important for strengthening the defense capability of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Considering the allocation of additional funds, experts do not exclude the transfer of TAURUS missiles.


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