Hypersonic cruise missile "Zircon" was useless inaccurate

The best Russian hypersonic missile turned out to be oblique.

The Russian hypersonic missile Zircon turned out to be absolutely unpromising for real combat use, the reason for which was the banal lack of proper accuracy, and therefore, the destructive power of hypersonic weapons was simply leveled.

“The most pressing issue of the“ new hypersonic weapon ”is the homing and correction system. Very high speeds in the atmosphere form a plasma envelope around the munition. Accordingly, the work of the classic homing heads and communications is impossible. There can be only two solutions: either to reduce the speed (after which our ammunition becomes simply supersonic with high values ​​of the number M), or in some way provide a “plasma output” of the communication and guidance antennas. Theoretically and technically, this is possible. However, one must objectively understand that this leads to a serious limitation of the characteristics of communication and guidance channels (in comparison with the capabilities of "classic missiles"). “New hypersonic weapons” for effective use require very precise target designation, the requirements for which are much higher than, for example, for conventional anti-ship missiles for operational purposes (say, the Granit complex). Problems with target designation complicate the defeat of moving targets ", - about it сообщает "Military Industrial Courier"

In fact, it is argued that the use of hypersonic cruise missiles by air carriers will be most effective, and the most unpromising will be a submarine.

“The Zircon should not be confused with the Avangard and Sarmat missile systems, whose impact power allows covering the enemy over several square kilometers. Zircon is primarily a cruise missile, and a miss for it is several meters, and in this case, most likely, we are talking about tens of meters, it is already critical», - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that today the tests of the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile are continuing.

The reasoning of the "experts" of the Military-Industrial Courier is approximately the following: "A missile, in principle, cannot fly, because it is heavier than air and does not wave wings."
From the point of view of banal erudition, they are right. But, nevertheless, at Zircon everything is all right and with accuracy, and with speed.

Actually, the missile was tested directly, and not the warhead, for a stationary target. Later there will be tests already with the head. And she - optical, as on the Dagger - the plasma field does not interfere

Even if not accurate during testing, does this mean something globally? That's why they are tests to identify flaws and fix them. It's just like in the movie The Matrix, when everyone was going to watch whether Neo jumps onto the neighboring roof the first time))


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