Unidentified aircraft


Hypersonic bomber or UFO? An unidentified object is seen in the sky over Beijing.

Residents of the Chinese capital observed an unidentified aircraft in the sky.

Numerous photographs of a strange luminous object in the sky over Beijing literally flooded the Net. Someone claims that we are talking about a special natural phenomenon, someone emphasizes a close encounter with a UFO, however, experts do not rule out that we can talk about the testing of a unique Chinese hypersonic aircraft.

Earlier it became known that scientists from China are actively engaged in the development of a hypersonic aircraft. We are talking about a huge bomber capable of traveling at a speed of about 8-10 thousand km / h. , and its main task is to break through the enemy's air and missile defense systems, and deliver strategic strikes.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that an unidentified object moving in the sky over Beijing had a low speed, and therefore, the likelihood that this is really a Chinese hypersonic bomber is extremely small.

It should be clarified that this phenomenon is observed far from the first time, and therefore, it is very difficult to write it off as an accident.