Place of wreck of An-148 Moscow region


State Enterprise "Antonov" offered assistance in the investigation of the An-148 disaster

The Ukrainian company Antonov is ready to assist in the investigation of the plane crash in the Moscow region.

Despite the cold political relations between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise Antonov offered to send to Russia its experts who can provide the necessary assistance in investigating the causes of the tragic plane crash that took place. The experts will be ready to go to Moscow as soon as the relevant proposal comes from Russia, however, according to the resource, so far there has been no official response from the Russian side.

Meanwhile, the plane crash that occurred last Sunday gave rise to many mysteries around itself, as various factors could precede the tragedy, including the technical failure of the systems, the fuselage icing, and even an explosion on board the aircraft.

At the scene of the plane crash, experts have already discovered both airborne recorders, the decoding of which may begin in the very near future, and it is likely that the information extracted will allow us to establish the true circumstances of the crash of the An-148.