Grozny Avia Airline


"Grozny Avia" will fly from Bryansk to Simferopol for subsidized tariffs

From July 3, direct flights between Bryansk and Simferopol will open.

As it became known to aviation resource, flights between two Russian cities will be carried out by the airline "Grozny Avia"Moreover, it should be noted that the flights will be subsidized by the state, that is sure to attract Russian tourists, especially considering the height of the holiday season.

Flights between Bryansk and Simferopol will be carried out twice a week - on Mondays and Fridays, and it is possible that the cost of an air ticket from the current 4.5 thousand rubles, can be further reduced to 3.5 thousand rubles.

Travel agencies of Bryansk mention that the demand among those who are going to rest is enormous, however, due to the lack of flights, the real number of those who want to go to the Crimea is only 10%.

It is possible that if air transportation on the route Bryansk - Simferopol will justify itself, then the flight may well become daily, but at the moment the management of the airline "Grozny Avia" does not comment on this information.