A group of Russian warships approached the coast of Italy

Russian warships entered the Adriatic Sea.

Russian warships located in the Mediterranean region unexpectedly approached the coast of Italy and entered the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The appearance of Russian warships here turned out to be extremely unexpected, especially against the backdrop of the existing tension between Russia and NATO.

It is known that the Russian tanker Akademik Pashin was spotted in the Adriatic Sea a few hours ago, while a number of other sources claim that the Russian corvette Guarding is also located here. Due to the fact that the Russian fleet was not given sufficient attention, the appearance of Russian warships near NATO borders turned out to be extremely unexpected.

The circumstances of the appearance of Russian warships off the coast of Italy have not yet been disclosed, however, the American nuclear aircraft carrier George Bush is located in the Adriatic Sea. This does not exclude the possibility that the visit of the Russian fleet is connected precisely with the fact that to demonstrate to the US fleet the presence of Russian warships capable of sinking an aircraft carrier in the event of an escalation of the situation.


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