Attacks against Syria


KhTSH: Russian fighters mistakenly struck the Syrian military

It became aware of the mistaken attack of the VKS to the Syrian military.

Today afternoon there was information that the fighter aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces mistakenly struck not the positions of the militants of the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham group (KhTSh, a terrorist group officially banned in Russia - Ed.) government forces. This information was provided by the Ibaa news agency.

As it was found out, the incident occurred on March 21, while no official confirmation of this data was received by the Russian Ministry of Defense or the military department of the CAR.

According to published information, the air strikes of the VKS of Russia occurred in the vicinity of the settlement of Al-Masasna (Hama province - approx. Ed.). where was the Syrian government forces checkpoint. The Ibaa edition does not provide any information about the dead or injured.

It should be clarified that the aviation of the VKS of Russia regularly strikes the territory of Syria using fighter jets, bombers and attack helicopters Mi-28HM "Night Hunter", specially upgraded based on the experience of conducting combat operations in the Syria Arab Republic.

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This is for their mistaken shot down our aircraft.

Especially competent photo, everything is beautiful and clearly visible - who bombed and whom ...

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