Houthis hit an oil tanker sailing from Russia to China


Houthis hit an oil tanker sailing from Russia to China

On the night of May 18, in the Red Sea, Yemen's Houthis shot down an oil tanker called Wind, which was sailing from Novorossiysk to China. This was reported by the US Middle East Command.

According to the US military, the tanker, registered under the flag of Panama and owned by a Greek company, was attacked by an anti-ship ballistic missile fired from Yemen. The missile hit damaged the ship's bulkheads, causing flooding and temporary loss of control.

Coalition ships rushed to help the stricken tanker, but no help was needed - the crew managed to cope with the damage, regain control and continue moving under their own power. None of the crew members were injured.

CENTCOM (US Central Command) condemned the attack, saying the Iranian-backed Houthis' actions threatened regional stability and endangered the lives of sailors in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

The Wind tanker incident has once again drawn attention to the unstable situation in the region. Questions remain regarding the motives of the Houthis who decided to attack a Greek ship flying the flag of Panama, which had no connection with Israel.


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