Examinations at the airport


IATA proposed to limit the dimensions of hand luggage in passenger airliners

The International Air Transport Association will limit passengers to carry-on baggage.

According to the new rules already prepared for entry into force, the overall dimensions of hand luggage according to three dimensions (height, width and thickness) should not exceed 110 cm. As it became known to Avia.pro from the official information provided on the IATA website, new rules may enter in effect from the next month, but the idea itself caused a wide response both among the public and air carriers.

A number of airlines, and this applies primarily to the world's largest air carriers, supported the new initiative of the Air Transport Association, but passengers claim infringement of rights, noting that picking up hand luggage of similar sizes is very problematic.

However, there is a new regulation and some indulgence to passengers - the changes will affect only passenger airliners, the capacity of which exceeds 120 people. In addition, according to unofficial data, the innovation may not affect the company-loukosterov, and so having a number of restrictions for their passengers, although this information was not officially commented on.