Our idlib! The Syrian army completely liberated the south of Idlib - terrorists fell under a hail of Russian bombs

The Syrian army completely liberated southern Idlib from terrorists.

Thanks to the complete military superiority of the Syrian army, the Russian and Iranian military, it was possible to completely liberate the entire southern part of the Syrian province of Idlib, and practically complete the liberation of the northern part of the province of Hama - we are talking about only a few tens of square kilometers controlled by terrorists.

A significant advantage in the fight against the militants of the Syrian army was achieved thanks to large-scale air strikes by the Russian air forces - dozens of flights were completed in a few hours, and hundreds of bombs were dropped on terrorist positions.

At the moment, the Syrian army has stopped less than 10 kilometers from the most important strategic target - the M4 highway, which will allow terrorists to cut off access to supplies of Turkish equipment, and will make it possible to effectively attack the militants currently located along the entire M4 highway.

At the same time, having thrown all its forces into the liberation of the southern part of Idlib, the Syrian army lost control of at least three settlements in the east of the same province, in particular, the settlements of Afis, Kirat, and Muzariyya.

A number of sources report that powerful high-explosive air bombs were used to smoke the terrorists, as well as volumetric explosion bombs, while the militants simply left armored vehicles, MLRS, weapons and ammunition, while the losses among terrorists can reach 400 people.

One "Poseidon" will have enough 200 km to expand the Bosphorus side into the wallpaper ... In vain the bishops again waved sabers against Russia ... The Turks may lose that small territory on which he lives ...))) Apparently history hasn’t taught them anything ...

Yes, you are our optimistic .....)))

The US could not do anything, but Turkey - can?
By the way, Turkey does not have the right to close the Bosphorus to Russian ships, because for this she needs to declare war.
But, since no one attacked her, she will become an aggressor - and most likely, her own people will not support her.
And Turkey is not ready to fight with Russia.
So I decided to give up too soon!

you're right. about the strait. which will be closed 100%, local moderators didn’t miss my comment .. But the troops can withdraw through Iraq-Iran and Central Asia further

It makes us cold, not hot!

It's time to pack your bags. If tomorrow they close the Bosphorus, there will be no logistics. Sushi oars. There is no fuel, no ammunition. How to evacuate a group - a question? Well, if not under fire, and without shame. And then they can also laugh, they’ve closed the airspace, they’ll say they will surrender their weapons and go on foot ...


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