Aircraft IL-114


Il-114, equipped with Canadian engines, rolled onto its back

The pilot described the incident with the Il-114 airplane.

A member of the Ilyushin Design Bureau, Hero of Russia Nikolai Kuimov, told how the Canadian-made engines installed on the Soviet passenger airliner almost led to a catastrophe, turning the aircraft over on its back.

"We carried out a program of large angles of attack on the stalling of the aircraft. Two flights - one with a front alignment, when the plane lowers the nose, the second - from the rear, when "falls down" with the roll. At the front alignment, it falls, parachuting, without heeling. Steering wheel you choose completely on yourself and you control this situation ", - said Kuimov in an interview with "TASS".

During the test flight, the IL-114 aircraft suddenly turned over, resulting in the risk of a plane crash.

"There is an intensive rotation, the plane - like a falling and spinning spindle. The earth blurred before my eyes. And immediately silence. And thoughts are ... unsubstantial. The first thought is that you will only help yourself. And the second - in order to help, you need to be calm. I realized that this is not a corkscrew, but a dive with rotation, but just so it was not possible to withdraw from the peak, in the beginning it was required to stop the rotation, and the vertical speed in the meantime grew ", - says the pilot.

Thanks to the professionalism of the test pilot, the crash was avoided.

The incident itself occurred at the beginning of the 90-ies, but it is important to take into account that, given that Russian aircraft builders are preparing to resume production and operation of IL-114 aircraft, this non-standard problem needs to be solved, otherwise it is possible to forget about the safety of flights.