Passenger airliner


Ilon Mask can turn the sphere of aviation

Ilon Mask can make aviation more accessible.

In one of his recent interviews, American businessman Ilon Mask, did not exclude the possibility that in the near future he could start making aviation more accessible to the inhabitants of the planet. What should be meant by these words remains unknown for now, however, the scientist and inventor, previously known to the whole world, stated that he is considering the possibility of creating special aircraft that allow one to move from one corner of the planet to another in the minimum time.

Given the fact that the American billionaire genius in just a few years was able to implement the construction of a heavy space rocket, spending only about 500 million dollars on it, and by the way, the development of the MS-21 airliner from the state budget of the Russian Federation was allocated in the amount of 4,5 billion dollars, Ilon Mask, can contribute to the creation of promising civilian aircraft capable of competing with Airbus and Boeing, not to mention smaller aircraft manufacturers.

Taking into account the fact that now the whole world is actively involved in the race to create hypersonic passenger airliners, Ilon Mask can very well support this idea by presenting a promising project.

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We have to fly to the moon. With the adaptation to the terrain, though, there will be no problems.

Colleague, but did not you loot kilograms with pounds in the carrying capacity of Atlas 5? And NOO with GSO in (projected !!!) Energy carrying capacity?

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Nevertheless, you want to admit or not, the ideas of the Mask are actively working, and the Soviet "Energy", since you mentioned it, was last in space in 1988 year (30 years ago), and it was developed as a whole 11 years, in order to make two flights

All wrong. Simply Mask introduced a new organization of work, where there is no place to please the native, and the right person, and where, first of all, the ENGINEER AND QUALIFICATION.

Yes, this idol of the humanities Ilon Munchau .. my! Mask, has already changed everything, depleted the already scarce US budget! The electric car failed, after the government subsidized its subsidies, demand fell to a minimum. Instead of a supersonic train, an ordinary metro turned out. He is not yet able to deliver at least one astronaut to the ISS, but powder the brains of gullible profane flight to Mars! And how to check the carrying capacity of his new missile? So far we see only a car launched into space in an 1 ton! He announced 63 tons, but a long time ago Atlas-5 was already able to deliver into the orbit 140 tons, and the Soviet Energy 100 tons.