Elon Musk turned off satellite Internet for Ukraine, allowing you to control FPV drones

Elon Musk has turned off satellite Internet for drones in Ukraine.

One of the most formidable weapons used by the Ukrainian military turned out to be completely useless after the American billionaire and head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, intervened in the situation. The latter limited the use of StarLink satellite Internet in conjunction with unmanned aerial vehicles and FPV drones.

It is known that Elon Musk was dissatisfied with the fact that the technology of wireless access to the Network is used as a weapon, as a result of which he limited the access of drone systems to ground terminals, making several thousand Ukrainian drones completely useless. Previously, such drones were controlled precisely thanks to such stations, and due to the fact that it was very problematic to drown out the latter, FPV drones began to pose an extremely serious threat.

Restrictions in access to satellite Internet will have an extremely serious impact on the capabilities of the Ukrainian army, which has already been proven earlier. This may well allow the Russian military to launch a successful offensive.


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