Missile strike


India announces missile strike on Pakistan

Indian authorities have announced a missile attack on Pakistan.

This afternoon, the media in India reported that the authorities sent Pakistan a notice of readiness to launch a missile attack on the territory of this state. A missile strike reportedly involved the launch of six missiles, which should have been a response to the 27 incident of February 2019 of the year on the border of Pakistan and India, while Pakistan declared its readiness to respond three times with a big blow.

“We said that if you launch one rocket, we will release three. Whatever India does, we will answer it three times. ”- said the Minister of Defense of Pakistan.

At the moment, the situation on the border of India and Pakistan remains tense enough, but analysts say that if not for pressure from the world community and an understanding of what a missile strike could lead to, a full-scale war might well break out between India and Pakistan, including and with the use of nuclear weapons that each party has.

It should be clarified that both the territory of India and the territory of Pakistan are subjected to daily shelling, which in turn maintains the likelihood of a new conflict.