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India refuses Russian Mi-26 helicopters, following Su-57, Mig-35 and Su-35

India decided to write off the largest helicopters in the world, the Mi-26, in favor of the American Chinook.

The Indian Ministry of Defense has decided to abandon the further operation of the Russian Mi-26 helicopters, which are the largest and largest helicopter in the world. According to Indian media, the reason for this was «the futility of these machines, which can not be used to perform combat missions».

According to the information that appeared, following the refusal to purchase the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57, as well as MiG-35 and Su-35 fighters, India intends to write off all Mi-26 helicopters in the coming years. As a replacement, they use the US military transport helicopters H-47 Chinook, which, according to Indian journalists, can be used, including on the battlefield.

The official position of Delhi is not currently commented, but given the lack of statements refuting the information that appeared in the media, India is really planning to abandon the Mi-26 helicopters.

Earlier it was reported that for three years India could not sign a contract with Russia for the repair of its Mi-26 helicopters, with the result that only one rotary-wing machine of this model is in service.

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MI-26 is not a fighter, this is a transport helicopter and he needs to stay away from the battlefield. His records are not broken and are unlikely to be. And about the repair, ask how our airlines are stripped off the airline, airbases and others.

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How would Chinook and MI-26 helicopters of different classes, I think the author did not correctly wrote about the replacement, but about the planes, the Indians want technology, well, let them try to get them from the US, plus the US can also blackmail on different occasions.

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