India plans to buy 40 Russian fighters Su-30

India is ready to review the purchase of Russian Su-30 fighters.

Military experts from India have thought about concluding a contract for the construction of 40 Russian Su-30MKI fighters, which will cost much less than contracting with French aircraft builders offering India the purchase of Rafale fighters.

"We should pay attention to the conclusion of the contract for the Su-30MKI, estimated at about 4,25 billion rupees, while the Indian Air Force is ready to pay 11,25 billion rupees for the French Rafale fighters - all without taking into account the prices for armament and logistics. For the amount of 170 billion rupees, which are ready to pay in the country's air force, you can purchase an additional 40 Su-30. We could get ready for the final assembly of aircraft from Russia, and then bring the assembly to completion at its own facility in Nashik. The main goal is to assemble these planes quickly and cheaply ", - said the head of the company "Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.".

The final decision on this issue has not yet been made, however, it is obvious that India is looking not only for good aircraft that have proven themselves well, but also wants to ensure the maximum benefit in resolving the issue of buying fighters.

"Please note, this was the situation with the FGFA project (India-5 Generation Project-Ed.), When India initially looked closely at Su-57, and later called it ineffective, while refusing from American fighters F-35, which, according to the military from India, far exceed Russian aircraft. India is looking for profitable options, and in this case, the conclusion of a contract with Russian aircraft builders will become more promising ", - said the military specialist.

It is assumed that the issue of buying Russian aircraft will be decided in the coming months.

* Su-30MKI is a multifunctional double fighter with a front horizontal tail and a thrust vector engine (AL-31FP), with avionics production within the framework of the international cooperation Russia-France-Israel-India, with a new H011M radar with a passive phased array antenna ) and an expanded air-to-air and air-to-surface armament.

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