India buys Russian Su-57 under important condition

India decided to purchase the fifth-generation Russian fighter.

The commander of the Indian Air Force, Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa, said that the country’s weapons still plan to purchase a large batch of fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57. Nevertheless, an important condition was set for this - a contract with Russia will be concluded only after the delivery of this generation fighter jets to the armament of the Russian Federation Air Force.

“If you mean the 5 generation aircraft, then the question has not yet been considered. When it is already put into service with you - only then can we make a decision for ourselves. We are ready to consider it for acquisition after we see it in the case, and it will be provided to us for review - an assessment. ”, - said Birender Singh Dhanoa in an interview with the Red Star, answering a question about the acquisition of Russian combat aircraft.

Experts note that India no longer has any chance of getting fifth-generation fighter jets apart from cooperation with Russia, however, it is clear that the Indian side has a number of questions as to why the Russian VKS acquire a small batch of these combat aircraft, while they are incredibly low cost.

Considering the statement made, a contract between Russia and India will most likely be concluded no earlier than the middle of the next decade.