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India will allow US military to explore Russian fighter jets

India will give the US a chance to study Russian fighters in detail.

On the eve of the day, it became known that the United States of America intends to conduct joint exercises with India in 2019. As previously reported, India will exhibit its Su-30MKI fighters, produced by Russia, against American F-15 fighters, in order to conduct air combat training, however, according to analysts, the Indian Defense Ministry can provide the United States with access to the study of Russian fighter systems.

Su-30 fighters and their modifications are actively used throughout the world. Against this background, The American edition of The Drive announced that training battles will allow American fighter crews to better prepare for confrontation with Russia and China.. Nevertheless, experts are confident that India can completely uncover a number of valuable information about these combat aircraft, which will jeopardize the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Chinese Air Force.

“Su-30MKI fighters can hardly be called new, however, compared with the same F-15, they are much more promising. It is possible that the demonstration of Russian aircraft, India may reveal important secret information about the systems of these fighters, which will provide an opportunity to develop a set of measures to counter these aircraft ", - the expert marks.

and it was necessary to write that Russia again about ** was born because it sells its latest weapons to the Indians ???

Well, you still sell india with-400, C-500 and Su-57 ... And then you will say that you have stolen all the developments ...

Again, a tendentious headline above the rather commonplace news. India conducts similar air battles with Americans every year.


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