India told why Su-57 is not needed by any country

In India, comment on an article from the American magazine about the Russian Su-57

The American edition of National Interest has published an article by Mark Episcopos, which evaluates the latest Russian multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation Su-57. The author, referring to Russian sources, argues that the funds in Russia will be enough for only a dozen such machines.

Episcopos emphasizes that fifteen fifth-generation airplanes are not enough to cover all the needs of the Air Force of the Russian Federation. In this, he refers to India, and this link in the American magazine immediately aroused the increased interest of the Indian media and military experts of this country.

The author calls India a major investor who is able to provide financial support for the Su-57 program, moreover, for decades to come.

It should be recalled that the Indian leadership has already announced that the country is withdrawing from cooperation with Russia in the creation of a promising FGFA fighter. The reason - the Indian side has a suspicion that the Russian fighter does not match the fifth-generation aircraft due to the “stealth” parameters and engines.

The Indian Defense News portal explained why the Su-57 fighter is not needed not only in India, but also in no other country in the world.

“Not with such engines. The layout of this engine is such that it becomes a kind of open target for the enemy’s radar”

"The Russians are literally buying units of these fighters in 2019 and 2020. They are doing this in order to keep the team backbone on the production line in the hope of finding buyers"

India’s leadership and military do not hide their expectations about when Russia will bring the plane and full compliance with the fifth generation. The main thing is the power plant. So, the appearance in Russia of the first Su-57 with a new engine will be the one that will push New Delhi to return to the program. As is traditionally done by India, it will immediately request technology transfer from Russia.

The best sensible koment.
By the way, we must not forget that, plus what you said, it is also necessary to achieve complex actions, such as the eradication of corruption, institutions, the development of a new level of the economy, hospitals, etc., etc. .... on investment in you won’t leave the army ....

India refused for the reason that they are buying a plane with yoke manufacturing technology. What Russia refused. Technologies only for spare parts.

ATP for enlightenment

What's the difference?
Americans stupid sell iron.
We sell technology. Iron is a companion demonstration material, i.e. sampler. Of course, if a country has more or less some kind of industry - why should it buy weapons? Easier to produce by ourselves. There are so many people in India and China that industry is not needed - they cut files with any size. But! - For this you need a drawing - technology. If you have the technology, you can collect any amount without purchasing the weapon itself. And the technology is only complete with an add-on - a batch of these weapons. The seller does not otherwise feed those who came up with this technology. And the buyer doesn’t really care how many units the armament will "present" to the main purchase. Well, yes for the first time - it will, and for training, well, even as a visual aid for file operators.
So here. “Buying our weapons” - it’s not the iron itself that is evaluated, but the quality of the technology and the cost of its own assembly. And if there are questions about the technology, buying makes no sense.
Was it so when, after the sale of weapons with technology, the buyer purchased a second batch ?. Well, except that the price was lower than the cost of own assembly. But it certainly does not threaten India and China.

well things u man and the ship right

Therefore, they buy. Make a new engine is aerobatics. And who will do it Rogozin or something? This oak

It is SO, it is not necessary on the planet to leave those who, according to 4-5 times in their lives, change their heart to another human. The Lord measured - live, and not parasitize at the expense of others. To everyone, so to everyone to the Lord to answer for their actions.

I do not understand, and the phantoms for which for 50? And stalling is not a problem for a long time - there is a controlled draft. And in the Black Sea was not an aircraft carrier but a destroyer, in fact a Trojan horse - a flagship stuffed with weapons control systems

And what did these Indians do themselves? Never mind.

Guest, megalomania - direct route to ward No. 6

As I understand it, you’re just a local genius with a wide range of information in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, since our latest technology has entered combat duty and exists in a single copy, it can protect such a large country like Russia, I am very pleased from such a truth .... But if your the truth is a lie, then it apparently affects the exclusive nation, even in your one copy - IF RUSSIA IS ALL GUILTY, WE ARE ON THE RIGHT WAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Name at least one woodworking machine manufactured in the USA, Great Britain. If you don’t name it, it means backward countries. So according to your logic?

Laughs the one who laughs last Michael! ...

Yes, there’s someone Vladimir is doubting that there was such a Kalashnikov assault rifle AK - 47. Here you go:
AK-47. The Kalashnikov assault rifle under the intermediate cartridge 7,62x39 mm was designed by Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov in the 1947 year. Adopted in the 1949 year and produced before the 1959 year, supplied to the military under the index GRAU-56-A-212

On my own I’ll say it was a wooden butt when I served in 1973-1975, a terrible thing! If you shoot on a tree it works like an ax, branches — thickness of 5 centimeters chopped no worse than an ax, they already bounce when you get !!!! The rail through is true sides ... By the way, even the aiming bar allowed aiming to shoot at planes !!!! The aiming range as far as I remember 1000 meters, well, bursts of poppy 2 at the target and the rest "not there" !!!! This is so that they did not argue was not !!!

Yes, citizens are reading the 5 generation and this 4 plus and this 4 plus plus plus -citizens What are you talking about? A plane starting from 15 km of altitude is like a fly on glass with wings torn off !!!! Defenseless !!!! It's about phantoms. And invisible ones are like .... stars in the sky are all the same shiny but .... invisible! !! In what !!! And most importantly, a rocket flies and a missile maneuver is not possible, otherwise you will disrupt the flow and all my address is not a house or a street !!! And you can imagine a German e-uh-American with a democratic mission is stealing to bomb well, bear the world !!!! And she feels (show the radars) she flies and takes aim right at the point zzzz sorry for the engine !!! And where the entom American pilot to change the diaper (astronauts have a very popular commodity without them in any way) or to roll off until it’s too late !!! Question !!! But what is an airplane with a capital letter? Well, they saw that it was flying, then it got up and turned around and to another place ... so it flew !!! So the Russians were weird with the American aircraft carriers, let's say in the Black Sea !!! Sailed well, scare !!!! And here, well, our pilots hooligans started to fly over the American aircraft carrier at a height of horror 15 meters !!! Planes are not 5 generations with pluses, and our Rasseyskie and the lutz of that are not very watching the Hollywood series s about the heroism of the “aircraft carriers” they don’t even know that they need to fly with their sides high and they’re purely in Russian !!! Well, what did American heroes frighten and what happened happened didn’t take diapers with them !!!! Well, actually shit (who knew that the Russian waves would shake and knock down the antennas, well, the Russians should take something from them !!!! !) This is so by the way !!! Well, ours flew a little creepy how the Americans were offended not by theirs, but shit is already "showing axis "and there are no diapers and the aircraft carrier quickly rushed off .... to wash off !!!! And on the assumption that the awkward Russians on their extremely fifth generation aircraft were so blown away and for the purpose of preventing diarrhea some of the personnel were written off ashore ... away from laxative !!!!
In fact, they correctly judged ...

Gennady, you are a holy post. They are only concerned about profit. The more noise, the more infusion into new projects.

What are you carrying? F35 copy of our YAK? We do not have fifth generation aircraft.

No one will pay you Alexander and 100 rubles. You are doing everything right for free. You believe in propaganda of a zomboyaschik. So you are a fool for our state.

Michael, what are you talking about? Rosselmash and LCD screens are utter nonsense. We have shit on machines and machines. And Israel has C-400 and C-300 in all poses. The whole world is laughing.

Is it okay that the Indians have an atomic bomb and they launch rockets into Kosom?

I welcome the warrior of light forces with the removal of the hat (although, what kind of hat is there now, so, a baseball cap. Damned Pindos ...). But I’ll say a certain crap is present in your reasoning. “Our country with you, as a state, has been surrendered to the West” - why doesn’t anyone give us any country to occupation? As soon as Russia weakened, everyone, including the Slavs, "brothers", shied away to the West. Any thoughts on this?

Well, refugees live there full of people ... And my friends are .. And they live quite normally. Much better than ordinary Russian people in Russia live. So there is no need for the "full of beggars" in Europe ... It’s complete, if you have degraded and you don’t want to do anything ... And everyone has acceptable help ... Therefore, the possibilities of the West quite allow. But in Russia, Putin and his friends “took apart” all their wealth into villas and yachts, and therefore people do not have enough ...

That's it, the eternal series "Shito and Kryto" no more.

I was here the other day at the 2019 Army exhibition, I went to the Hindu stand, almost fell off laughing looking at their mock-ups of airplanes and other things, as if they were made by children, they only dance to dance but not to build airplanes.

This is impossible simply because it is impossible and the political system has nothing to do with it))))).
Do not cram nevpihuemoe ...

BECAUSE that quitters and thieves.
Do not scream. We lived better, there was a distribution for work, for construction sites of the century, there were subbotniki in schools, we collected metal to the state, and not to points to private owners ... It was the USSR.
Today we are the same as in Europe, that everyone lives well there? HORSERADISH! full of beggars and homeless, their well-being is built on high-level education and work on 12 hours a day. Those who do not plow live the same way, from paycheck to paycheck.
Do not idealize life abroad. Take a trip, try back in a year ...

NEEE ..... Only the actual destruction of the enemy through the global use of nuclear / thermonuclear weapons can save.
If a war begins, everyone should understand that this is already the end, people will live in the radioactive desert for another year, 2, then DNA mutations, a fistula, gene diseases will destroy humanity .... EVERYTHING IS VERY SIMPLE !!!!

Still buy ....
The US still could not afford its cheap fuel oil))))?
Mask them in their ears and blows the money saws, but in the end hell pours)))).

Russian TRD does not suit them, let them make their own, Indian, and then they will also find a pilot who will agree to fly on it)))

You are from what century? From 19 or 20 edge? Debil! RD-180 bought 90 USA in RUSSIA for 3 101 penny and use it in the first stage for acceleration instead of expensive solid propellant, but about NIVU and UAZ you probably Technology magazine for 1975 year read

It’s good that Comrade Beria’s p / r copied the American atomic bomb, but they also did the second in their Soviet design. No one has yet canceled technical espionage and will not cancel it.

Yes, the price is stupidly knocked down, and you are dug: who is smarter)))

in Europe they live on American loans !!! that is why they put their tongue in the ass and do not blather !!! And the natural resources of Russia need to dig up. Sell and deliver to the consumer and only after that a penny will fall into the budget and then as a percentage of the deal !!! Do not swing your BALL illiteracy compatriots

For example, on our combines, Rosselmash removes the cereal half of US farmers, all their rockets fly on our engines, more than 90% of liquid crystal screens for smartphones are made in Russia, more than half of all nuclear reactors in the world are built using Russian technology 4 are in service with the UAE, C-300 purchased by Greece, C-400 purchased by Turkey (both countries are in NATO). India and China fly on our fighters and sail on our submarines, the NIVA and UAZ vehicles are rated by all the jeepers in Europe and the USA, as well as URAL trucks, all Boeing airplanes are made from our titanium, in Finland almost all Russian-made equipment in the Army, and our woodworking machines Finns simply idolize. And this series can still be very much continued. Just you Troll young without brains

How many brilliant "fans" of Russia have gathered.
Probably everyone has already created something outstanding

Yes Yes. That tanks are bad, the leadership is not so, then we did not save Europe. Something all the time prevents liberastov and our "civilized friends." Call at least one something to create a liberasta. By the way, almost all scientists and inventors in the US are visitors.

Name at least one Russian woodworking machine? I haven’t seen any new Russian machine tools on any furniture production years of 15

Indeed, the phobias of Americans on our military achievements are greatly exaggerated

Yuri Y., you out of the mental hospital released? It is necessary to beg to be returned.

Unfortunately, the state of our defense industry is, indeed, very deplorable. And all of our "newest" developments, which the media have been cracking about for several years (Avangard, Poseidon, X-31, Zircon, etc.) are, indeed, the heritage of the USSR. Which, by the way, slowly and steadily falls apart. And periodic informational stuffing about a new miracle weapon, from which, as illiterate Internet hacks like to put it, “the world shuddered” - these are Kremlin dreams and wishful thinking. And in a simple way - fake. Yes, maybe somewhere there are one or two limping prototypes. But - I assure you - the distance of an enormous scale from such an experienced sample to a serial product. And only one percent is able to go this way to the end and become a series. And why did you, by the way, take it that the Americans are scared of something? Did they tell you that? No-ee, our media told you that they lie to the left and to the right about everything, including about it.

And we can also say why, because we have not set the condition, as the Americans do, do not buy our SU-57, we will turn off the gas and water with oxygen!))) And immediately purchases will go!

You would think that someone imposes a purchase on them? More ask on their knees will be!

Someone, are you really so stupid that you do not understand - ALL "Soviet developments" are made in the RSFSR, in other words - it is in Russia. And if something was done for them in other republics, then this is only to give them a job and a salary ...

Exactly! Otherwise, they just do not get on the ISS and not to return from there! Or do you not know? And besides, a part of American missiles fly on Russian RD-180, this is also a fact, and they will fly for several more years, for there is nothing more!

Andrew, you described a very deplorable state of our industry and defense industry, it’s just incomprehensible what and why the Americans are so concerned about, because if everything is as you say, then we are not competitors to the Americans ??? Does not stick something in your calculations, is not it?

Our dear Yury Yuryevich is a warrior of light forces, a fighter with Satan, etc. All hope is for you. I am also a fighter with all this ... but they wanted to send me to the insane asylum. So I quieted down. But the time will come, it will strike our hour, and we will ... (well, you understand, but you don’t need to know others: the bastards will bring it.

And the United States did not copy anything from Germany? Amerikolyub you ours.

For pensioners, they have no money, but for planes there are heaps of money!

You do not what you do not use?

during your storyteller)))) your last name is not Anderson? all technologies in the world of russia, only russia has not learned to do machines) not normal dumplings, but everything is cool ah ha ha

Bravo Michael

Mikhail Vata, you are unreasonable, let's go point by point, the main manufacturers of LCD lg (Korea), samsung (Korea), sharp (Japan), Russia, if it has grown, is incomparable at all, and even 10% of speech can’t be thought of, do not invent.
Rosselmash, no one needs him even in his own country, he is doing so well that production is suspended in principle, plans for 2019 to produce 5600 combines, and there can be no question of any general capture of the market.
If you look at nuclear reactors in the world, they haven’t been built at all for a long time, and they don’t build much, Russia doesn’t smell there, Soviet technologies. Turkey refused deliveries and bought all the same C-400, this is where our pilots were shot down and the ambassador was slaughtered, there were just such delivery requirements, Greece was poor beggar where we poured money, there is no reason for pride at all.
Fighters, India buys a lot to get technology, these are their requirements, China also buys technology and flies on its own, you at least study the storybook storybook wadded. You live in some kind of parallel world, invented by yourself, you go to a doctor.

On 100% rights !!!!

These Hindus as freeloaders are just waiting for everything ready and they still need to be presented on a platter. And give them the technology. And x ..? with mosley don't want ??????????

Et that it is necessary to smoke ....

In 1949, under the leadership of Comrade Beria, we managed to copy a nuclear charge from the USA, otherwise the USSR would have disappeared much earlier.

For example, on our combines, Rosselmash removes the cereal half of US farmers, all their rockets fly on our engines, more than 90% of liquid crystal screens for smartphones are made in Russia, more than half of all nuclear reactors in the world are built using Russian technology 4 are in service with the UAE, C-300 purchased by Greece, C-400 purchased by Turkey (both countries are in NATO). India and China fly on our fighters and sail on our submarines, the NIVA and UAZ vehicles are rated by all the jeepers in Europe and the USA, as well as URAL trucks, all Boeing airplanes are made from our titanium, in Finland almost all Russian-made equipment in the Army, and our woodworking machines Finns simply idolize. And this series can still be very much continued. Just you Troll young without brains, that's the whole answer.

Kostya, what are you talking about, child, you are a Coca-Cola, who has read militants. What the fuck is "offset center of gravity". There are no such bullets and there is no such theology in principle. Warrior you couch. "I had ..." - you would have a brain or a conscience, so you would not impersonate a specialist. Go to the girls in the disco tell about the "shifted center of gravity." Ordinary small-caliber cartridges, which, due to the non-projective length (compared to the caliber 7,62 mm), nite in flight, therefore they are extremely unstable when hit or touched by an obstacle. No one there specifically shifted the centers, and there is no such terminology. Remember for a lifetime and do not carry her foreplay.

That's for sure, well, very tricky!

Guest, you would be better off in a svoyasi, we do not need such guests.

Only TE could refuse dryers. who is not able to master them. Not for their brains!

Because we live on ITS OWN and because to us climb with wars and councils.

balabol cardboard .......

Yes, you should always be alert to the Hindus. I worked like that with them, I will say only one thing, there is no such shit like a Hindu in the world.

can you read? there about the engine said.

Aga- Indians are brilliant predictors! True, they themselves have inadvertently requested in addition two squadrons of the SU-30 MKI and 20 units MIG-29, which themselves themselves were slandering! Gypsies in one word!

This is how Pakistan will have SU-57, and India will need its own set right away. So, it is time for stuffing about the INTENTIONS of Pakistan to acquire our soushki, it will cause negotiations on this among the Hindus. Pilots to train, too, need time. Should hurry both. :)

Aesop wrote about the fox and grapes in Ancient Greece in 600 years BC And all the Indians do not know!

India wanted to get technology for free, but having received a refusal, it decided to foul all the "raspberries", and briefly decided to blackmail or, as people say, to achieve their goals by hook or by crook. Some Iranians, too, went down this path, but now they regret the complexes of the air defense system, in case of aggression from the US there will be problems with air defense. Let them take Rafali, and life will show the consistency of this contract. Yes, and the French are unlikely to give the latest development of the Indians. But the classic wrote that for every sage, quite simplicity.

States fly their rockets only with our engines.

You probably know where the gypsies came from? roots .. hence the conclusion; lizh would be for free and more ..

I agree, SU-35 is more necessary now and surpasses all pendos models, but it’s impossible to underestimate pendos

And they are right, for 15 aircraft of the Russian Federation, 20 valves are very few.

I would have sent this India a long time ago the Augean stables to the backyard. They don’t want to invest, they require discounts, pass the documentation ... Let them work out for themselves. Or scratched to the Pindos - they foosu anything; will not take - will find how to make. Shybko spoiled.

Another Napoleon decided (and began) to write memoirs.

I wonder which tank was better in 1941 year?

Are you sick? Do Americans fly on Russian rockets? Yes, in Russia everything is sad with people.

Russian elephants are the best in the world.

It seems you have delusions of grandeur or schizophrenia.

you speak the truth


Many write the correct texts about our (or not ours) production of military equipment and which one is the best, and at the same time always point to Gorbachev and Yeltsin who sold Russia and Russian technologies with giblets to the West and America for Bush’s chicken legs, but for some reason always accidentally or intentionally forget to point out the third USSR COOLER - the RSFSR and the entire Soviet people, who you are the text commentators, and so the third destroyer of everything and everything has been “everyone” Putin’s favorite 2000 of the 1000th year, which since August 2007 of the year erefii NO and never will be, but doubles in PU suits act for him, and the Judeo-Masonic generals of the USSR Coalition of Special Services of the USSR - Junta special services in the person of the cooperative "OZERO" from St. Petersburg and others like PZhI and pedophiles i.e. foreign agents of influence, whose curators are in England - Israel - the USA, and now also in China. Our country, as a state, passed with us to the West, the Anglo-Saxons, long before 17 in March, 1991 goal, when the nationwide Plebiscite (Referendum) for preserving the USSR in an updated form was held, which was not expected by the leaders of the USSR KP-SS Central Committee, collaborators, t . Traitors of the USSR and the entire Soviet people, i.e. They suffered a devastating fiasco from the Soviet people, so the Judeo-Masons adopted an ideological plan for the destruction of our country, the USSR, the RSFSR, and this is the trio I wrote you the most important destroyers of everything and everything that you yourself can see up to now. Dear commentators.

Sincerely, a pensioner, the 70 decade is already coming, my birthday is 20.11.1949 of the year on 2 at 1 am Scorpio is a Bull.
The human rights activist, with almost 51-ten-year work experience, in the field of protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of man and citizen.
Political prisoner "Prisoner of Conscience", Soviet - Post-Soviet - Russian periods, December 1996 (AI).
Three times past Soviet-Post-Soviet - Russian GULAG (from August 1977 to August 1979, in 1984 and 1996), and as the foreign media wrote, the most titled human rights defender of the Soviet - Post-Soviet - Russian periods, when the International All German "CONGRESS" on human rights in Germany.
Five attempts were already committed against me and my life in 51 — the year of my work in the field of human rights protection; the last was committed by 09 and 11.06.2019, not one of them, the criminal-criminal-gangster-theft “power” of the Soviet- The post-Soviet-Russian periods did not initiate criminal cases, even in connection with the events and did not look for customers and performers, since SAMA was and is, and the real “Junta-power” is outstanding, I gave it a popular name - Organized Putin Crime Grouping of the cooperative "OZER "From St. Petersburg, hands-driving, running Judeo-Masons, generals Coalition Soviet secret service (the Junta), in the face of" twins Putin "and others like it PZhiV and pedophiles, ie foreign agents of influence whose curators sit in England — Israel — the United States, and now also in China.
Direct participant of the International All-German CONGRESS for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Protection of the Activists of the International Movement for the Protection of Human Rights in their countries, on Planet Earth, dedicated to the 50 10th anniversary of UN acceptance by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International BILL on Human Rights.
Laureate of the International Prize of the Foundation. OSSETSKY, Germany, Frankfurt am Main, Church of St. Paul, for the protection of human rights in his country, December 1998 (AI).
Citizen of the World (AI - Amnesty International).
Director of the Omsk Regional Center for Human Rights "REAL LAW", founded by me 01 July 1968.

Yury Y. Shadrin (now Gut), Buntar96.

The Warrior of the Light Forces, sent by the Almighty - the Creator - the Creator, to fight the dark forces of the throne of Lucifer (the Serpent, the Devil, Satan) and his minions on Planet Earth and, in particular, in the territory of my homeland USSR, RSFSR - Russia.


The most modern aircraft need to be delivered only to their troops, and not to sell to other countries. And this greedy government in the Russian Federation is trying to sell everything to fill personal accounts in foreign banks.

but where are the developments in our country when the owner finally sees them.

Now SU-35 is more necessary, and SU-57 is constantly being upgraded, they do not stop at what has been achieved, there is already a new engine, new long-range missiles and radars. But the existing option, even for many years, will be the best in relation to all NATO aircraft.

Americans steal everything, first of all they buy their brains for green candy wrappers, which the Fed prints as much as it wishes. The main world counterfeiters.
But the brains they bought are infected with the American disease, “how to cut more dough and not do the job in the best possible way. So they created F-35 - plagiarism with the Yak-141, which is worse than the Yak-141 and its own F-22. And now impose it on all their satellites and arrange anti-PR SU-57. India's elite elite, with brain washed during English colonization, still cannot get off this needle, and in many respects still under Anglo-Saxon influence. Anglo Saka brains.

Indian pilots repeatedly conducted training battles on the Su-30 with English pilots at home and in England, and in all the battles the English defeated almost dry. Similar fights Indians conducted with the Americans and also defeated them, and the Americans created all the conditions for their own, and at a disadvantage for the Indian pilots. The Indians did not even use the main secret radar. The fact is that the main reason for these victories is the SU-30 aircraft.
General Alexander Kharchevsky, being the commander of the Lipetsk aviation center, now retired to reach the age limit of 65 years, at the SU-27 conducted 40 training battles with pilots from various countries and all the battles
won. Now he teaches in Irkutsk to fly SU-35's

Only specialists such as India can decide which planes are appropriate for the 5 generation and which ones are not. For example, the Russian missile defense is quietly detecting both the F-22 and F-35, which means that these planes do not correspond to the fifth generation.

Americans blame the plane to sell their own, India scolds the plane to bring down another price. And if they scold, it means a good plane and they are afraid of it.

Who were you in aviation, and what did "we" copy and from whom? before writing something about copying, I simply would like to know the history of aviation, TU-16, TU-95, TU-95MS from whom did they copy it?

That's just the drivers of BMD and were AKS 74. And the conventional PDR AKS 74, both caliber 5.45, but the displaced center of gravity of the bullet is a myth.

The T-34 tank was never considered the best, it was the most massive tank during the Second World War ...

It is now a shame to repeat the trick with India as with Su-30, whose contract at the end of 90 helped the survival of the Sukhoi concern. Putin did the right thing to order 76 fighters, just need to show the price list: Su-57 in this bundle - 40 million, with the new engine - 60 million, with the new coating 70 million, and technology separately - 100 billion dollars.

... I had AKS-74 (the butt is folded up (for the landing party and the tank crews) ... there is also the AKSU (the butt is shortened, shortened, the cops mostly ... aba-under 5.45 - with a shifted center of gravity ... tracer were ..

India, as always, is trading, trying to bring down the price.

Before using the world media to croak, let these generals, the Banderlog, teach their soldiers (subordinates) to fly our fairly simple planes, exploit T-90 tanks, load ammunition into Varshavyanka, so that they will moor our Sharks on piers and not peck about the bottom and then blame us for all this! Holy shit is the Lord's! - Hindus and not our brothers!

And that India is responsible for other states, I understand that it can only answer for itself, for example, I do not consider India to be the center of the world for its opinion to dominate.

There are 2 modifications, export (light version) and for Min. defense (fully equipped) and in essence these are completely different machines for both TTH and combat capabilities. Indus don't like the light version, and they don't sell the full-fledged 57

How did you decide that the tank t-34 is recognized by the ALL WORLD best ??? !!! This is from our sources !! Our trumpeting is what they want. Find at least one foreign source. But it is good that I want you too. so that we have all the best ...

I would not touch Vlasov, in his case everything is not so simple.

Here are really normal words, in essence, especially with regards to VICTORY.

do you know Lenya what I will tell you in the words of Suvorov:
"Fighting is not a number and skill" is the first
now the second T-34 is recognized by the whole world as the best tank of the second world — and in the third the Germans supplying us their harvesters in shock from the Russian and are now actively purchasing our
and in the fourth, all that Americans have produced as you say is the best - thank Gorbachev and Yeltsin who sold Russia and Russian technologies with giblets to the West and America for Bush's chicken legs

It is not necessary about the USSR, they at the mere mention of the Union incontinence comes, pauses and cries ... Bastards.

I agree Michal, there are such pills!

amers brought slaves. our derbanil their (serf). Today those in slaves have the whole world (through a dollar). our bullshit their ... who is smarter ???

There was AK-47, then AKM which means AK-47 modernized.

From Pakistan, there was a desire to acquire the SU-57 and check them on the Indian Air Force.

Fierce plus. Vanki turned their country in the trash.

There is an article with the same title, only instead of India, China ... the text is the same word for word

It's time to switch to the 6 generation of airplanes. A type of flying saucers with an anti-gravity engine))

You have amazed me - our rocket without electronics are flying to the right place? I poked my finger into the map and she understood what to do? this is class !!!

... and in Russia there is no more than the 62-65%!

Yes, just their pilots are not able to master this technique.

Gubozakatochnuyu machine will not buy, from the beginning, they hug her, they say the battery is weak or there is no remote control.

The very first Kalashnikov was AK-47, then AKM was simply released, I found them in the training room, went to the guard. And our foe, that the AK-47 were Chinese-made at that time. Makarov and automatic AKS-74 caliber 5.45. It was not when AKM-47, nonsense. It was AKM for infantry and AKMS for airborne troops and tank crews, with a folding butt.

What kind of idiot would buy a product with a worse characteristic, if it was a dime a dozen in the world. We even * Lada * exported with better characteristics than we made for ourselves. The market is all over the market

we will fly ourselves

you must first secure yourself. It is necessary to subjugate the entire economy to the state and take everything stolen in favor of the state. back to socialism. truth thieves will not give up and this is a civil war, and here's the question of how to avoid it. but as long as the state is in private hands and licks to the west, let us be in -opa.

India lately more and more fingers oppression. That's just more in words than in deeds. Infected with the "blechlogy" virus. Arjun in all respects is better than T-90, only Arjun in service is an order of magnitude smaller than T-90. Airplanes from Russia are bad, but fly on dryers. Now they say the missiles are bad, they don’t fire up the Pakistani planes, they don’t admit that the pilots are crooked.

Berl Lazar continues to drink Russian blood ...

Recently, one Japanese expert made himself a hara-kiri, admitting that all their electronic-technical achievements are the theft of Soviet more technologies.

These are their cheap excuses. Apparently, we found another, with the same parameters, a product for a lower price.

Sikorsky Jew? And, yes, yes, all great people should be Jews.)))) And nothing, that his mother has the surname Temryuk-Cherkasov? Well, purely Jewish surname. And his face is somehow not of the Jewish type.

Let first buy gubozakatyvayuyu machine. Give them the technology, but ko-ko no ho-ho?

always, especially in the aircraft engine industry, but never learned how to make sturdy engines.

Max "what are you doing?", First learn to write correctly, learn
history of their country, world history. There is a chance that you will learn at least something to understand. And do not like the country, -
who keeps you here ?!

The first technical dictionary on the move came out only in the 1921 year. And Ohm's Law and iron-o'clock broke into the selyan huts. All the more meaningful is the answer from the country that invented the bitten yabloki and vodka. Have you been to India? Go and see. Half of the population of the country do not have toilets. No, even toilets. Half a billion people crap where they have to.

Well, let them show their tank or a plane

just the opposite. Look at the complete set of equipment for sale. Yes, and who wakes up taking the obviously worse? With a variety of offers from around the world

Yes, everything was invented by Russians, and Windows and cars are good, everyone is so smart that they live in shit - a golden nation - tell me more))

The Indians are still rogues, they buy equipment from us, then they require technology, make the products themselves, from their components, and when the product breaks, they begin to blame Russia, as it was on a tank biathlon, when the X-Tumx of the T-2 tank of the Indian assembly broke , oil radiators flowed in Indian-made, but they immediately blamed Russia for malfunctions, and when they did, they didn’t even apologize, the Indians began to break down Indian-made MiG-90 airplanes, the pilots were afraid to fly them, so India asked Russia to sell them 29 MiG airplanes -26, but the Russian assembly, so the sense that we give them technology cannot be built by technology, because in addition to technology, components are also needed, and the quality of their production seems to be lame among the Indians.

It's a bluff, the facts are there.

... in the meantime, 76sht SU-57 has already been ordered for the Russian Armed Forces)

I agree!

Strange, but we in the USSR went on vacation every year, rested in Crimea several times ... but we don’t need liberals, scratch any liberal and you will see an ordinary fascist under him! checked in Yekaterinburg and in Chelyabinsk.

I agree!!

All copied. Otherwise, why would industrial espionage be needed? Copying saves time and money on your own development.

You can live everywhere, the main thing is to know and be able to do it! And there are flourishing there as well as here - OLIGARCHS)).) The only effective weapon of which is the FINANCIAL SYSTEM, ie the WORLD ECONOMY))) Isn’t it a rotten society where some people plow and beg and others with fat rage))) Yes, the United States is a rotten swamp !! It's a shame that we are starting to rot with it!

Export options have a friend of radio-electronic weapons. Remember the "Calibers" - export fly a few times smaller distance.

no one was going to build 100 fighters in the United States in the United States. Manufacturing 187 pcs f-22 raptor took 15 years. It's a stupid article with an incomprehensible goal, because everyone knows that the basis for the VxS of Russia is formed by the fighters sous-35, sous-30 and su-27 and cm 3 brought to the level of sous-30. In the current time, these fighters have enough strength and capabilities to wipe the nose of any enemy force.

If you don’t need our plane for the carrion eaters, because you are hand-to-hand, don’t decide for the whole world.

but of course! the leader! the leaders are busy with the business, and you, like me, write nonsense ...

how are you, poor fellow, live in stupid Russia?

Russia is not a multinational state, but a mono state

So we lived in different USSR.

Specifically, that always copied and served by whom?

I do not understand what have the Russians, if the Jews alone in power

And with what political system will it be possible ?! No, you specifically name, with what and where such a system exists ??! Maybe you want to again like in the USSR or in Japan or in the PRC!? But you don’t want to work without vacations and holidays as it was and how was it there !! Or do you propose to fully form a government of continuous Liberals and without other parties and movements ?! So?!

And you name who did not copy ?! No, you answer who is not a copier!?!?

too small talk about economic needs. it's not about who has a golden toilet, and who has wooden ??? problems in the country from - ourselves, we all live finely and think and dream of a golden toilet. read the story carefully. and understand that all the equipment (and not only PCs and others
Toys) was originally invented by Russian people. another thing. that the power at all times in Russia did not strive to go forward and spend money on something new - it was and will be and this is the main drawback of Russians until they bite, and then in emergency mode, but better, faster, stronger, higher than all the rest and VICTORY will be ours ALWAYS. health ALL.


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