India told why Su-57 is not needed by any country

In India, comment on an article from the American magazine about the Russian Su-57

The American edition of National Interest has published an article by Mark Episcopos, which evaluates the latest Russian multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation Su-57. The author, referring to Russian sources, argues that the funds in Russia will be enough for only a dozen such machines.

Episcopos emphasizes that fifteen fifth-generation airplanes are not enough to cover all the needs of the Air Force of the Russian Federation. In this, he refers to India, and this link in the American magazine immediately aroused the increased interest of the Indian media and military experts of this country.

The author calls India a major investor who is able to provide financial support for the Su-57 program, moreover, for decades to come.

It should be recalled that the Indian leadership has already announced that the country is withdrawing from cooperation with Russia in the creation of a promising FGFA fighter. The reason - the Indian side has a suspicion that the Russian fighter does not match the fifth-generation aircraft due to the “stealth” parameters and engines.

The Indian Defense News portal explained why the Su-57 fighter is not needed not only in India, but also in no other country in the world.

“Not with such engines. The layout of this engine is such that it becomes a kind of open target for the enemy’s radar”

"The Russians are literally buying units of these fighters in 2019 and 2020. They are doing this in order to keep the team backbone on the production line in the hope of finding buyers"

India’s leadership and military do not hide their expectations about when Russia will bring the plane and full compliance with the fifth generation. The main thing is the power plant. So, the appearance in Russia of the first Su-57 with a new engine will be the one that will push New Delhi to return to the program. As is traditionally done by India, it will immediately request technology transfer from Russia.

yak-141 is a copy of the Yak-41 / 38, which in turn is lapped up with Grumman Harrier, an English vertical take-off deck

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Only history shows the opposite. remember about atomic bombs, submarines, tanks (T-34 is a copy of an English tank, plus M1931 units), a Kalashnikov assault rifle (this is a German stg44 submachine gun, and its creator Hugo Schmeisser accidentally captured by the Russians in the Kalashnikov team, well, so accidentally worried) .

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The Yak is Grumman Harrier, stolen from the British, the first vertical take-off aircraft in the world.

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It was Yak-141

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And then I do not remember the F35 copy of our Yak with a vertical takeoff. It was created for the Navy of the USSR.

If SU-57 was needed at least for Russia, then it would not be built one piece each year.

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