India told why Su-57 is not needed by any country

In India, comment on an article from the American magazine about the Russian Su-57

The American edition of National Interest has published an article by Mark Episcopos, which evaluates the latest Russian multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation Su-57. The author, referring to Russian sources, argues that the funds in Russia will be enough for only a dozen such machines.

Episcopos emphasizes that fifteen fifth-generation airplanes are not enough to cover all the needs of the Air Force of the Russian Federation. In this, he refers to India, and this link in the American magazine immediately aroused the increased interest of the Indian media and military experts of this country.

The author calls India a major investor who is able to provide financial support for the Su-57 program, moreover, for decades to come.

It should be recalled that the Indian leadership has already announced that the country is withdrawing from cooperation with Russia in the creation of a promising FGFA fighter. The reason - the Indian side has a suspicion that the Russian fighter does not match the fifth-generation aircraft due to the “stealth” parameters and engines.

The Indian Defense News portal explained why the Su-57 fighter is not needed not only in India, but also in no other country in the world.

“Not with such engines. The layout of this engine is such that it becomes a kind of open target for the enemy’s radar”

"The Russians are literally buying units of these fighters in 2019 and 2020. They are doing this in order to keep the team backbone on the production line in the hope of finding buyers"

India’s leadership and military do not hide their expectations about when Russia will bring the plane and full compliance with the fifth generation. The main thing is the power plant. So, the appearance in Russia of the first Su-57 with a new engine will be the one that will push New Delhi to return to the program. As is traditionally done by India, it will immediately request technology transfer from Russia.

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Yes, no you are not the head of development. I myself am the boss. in Rostec, you can immediately see. You are nobody

I served in aviation We always copied !!!!

We were taught in the USSR that the United States is decaying, etc. And she lives and thrives !!!

Remember dear Boris Russia on the "always" behind in the field of electronics !!! What kind of superiority then we can say? Brad some !!! I do not know any model comp., Cellular phone. , smartphone, etc. Made in Russia !!!!

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In nature, it really is not, but I shot V1960 from it. On the “four”, because he did not hit the 3 with bursts of a shot, but with single shots. For the hits were not "excellent"

AKM-47 does not exist, there is just AKM and period. I served with him, wooden butt. Were with a folding metal butt and was their brand AKMS and the point)))

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Well, here you can hang around, do not oblige to anything, but until hoarseness I will defend that (no matter what) I wrote or liked.
The reality is different, and almost always the opposite of this discussion.
Su -57 this phenomenon is not yet equal, even with these engines.
Everything else there is just super, like all the latest weapons, no analogues.

Well, if you continue your analysis of the reasons why Europe put the language where you indicated it, then the Fed is the main thing for the Americans. On this they live. All bought. Everything worth buying, starting with athletes and ending with enterprises. They print green and live on it. Somehow you need to jump from this system or use a loach plant like in nature. It, the Fed, generates the prosperity of the Amerikos and, accordingly, the lag of all nations. If it would be painless to fall down, many would have already jumped off ... So this is not the time ...

The funny thing is that all these "experts" are not related to aviation .. As a rule, they are bloggers
And what kind of stuffing from SU-57 and f-22 they can not know a priori

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I am writing to Eugene. You don't know anything dear and apparently don't understand anything. So come to
states and find at least something done there. You will have to look for a long time. As Trump asked the congress
Where is our industry? Apparently, in addition to printing green "cabbage", they can no longer do anything. So in the world it is already on 74 trillion. Neflix has a movie about how they are trying to copy 171 and 180 engines for 25 for years and all to no purpose. Yes, we have money
not enough, but as long as the heads work. And according to their concept of nat. security should not be at all. But they will not succeed in this they know it.

And even more. AK-47 did not exist. This intrigues merikanki markelukhof. Index GRAU witness.
56 Group

56-A-212 - 7,62-mm Kalashnikov assault rifle AK
56-A-212M - 7,62-mm Kalashnikov assault rifle with folding AKC stock

There is no AK-47 there, no.

VLADIMIR, don't be fooled by provocations of such creatures as ABRAM such as him with their world view that the dust under the boot for the Russian people Russia has always been a multinational state and this is its strength. And about iron nonsense are only those who are not in the subject. Yes, and do not need such a sofa strategists know a lot. Let it be nonsense. And even better, what would our potential adversary think that he has all the very best, that they are special and godly given. Think about what happens to such a nation when they are disappointed. Not only psychologists will not save them, to feed their bile

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For such announcements of India, SU 57 should be put to their * friends * from Pakistan.

Vladimir, though not Abram, but I will say .. Do not pay attention to all sorts of home-grown morons, spitting shit through the lip while you are doing the right thing for our Motherland ... Fortunately, Russia is not one of them .. I am a former deep-water diver and that I didn’t notice such Lilyabols next to me, they are more comfortable on the sofas, while we are doing something for our common Motherland .. I’m ashamed that he is our compatriot ..

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For you, any thief is Abram, and any Abram is a thief ... Would you know, "patriot", how many Abrams have done and still make famous national aviation ... And I know because I work in this industry ... That's because people like you pseudo-anti-Semites and Russia will continue to degrade! Abrams in the Americas somehow do not interfere with flourishing, but quite the opposite. The Russians, all the way, hang the cause of their problems on the Jews. Go to your red corner and kiss the portrait of Adolf hanging there, and it’s time for me, Abram, to deal with the business - I’m the head of the technical development department ... well, let's say something without which Russian planes cannot fly ...

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There is not enough money for military aviation, and not for anything, because everything is plundered by abrams, and k *

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Do not lie. I repeat once again - AKM-47 does not exist in nature!
It was produced in a limited edition of the AKS-47 - with an iron-folding butt, if you were a tanker, then you were holding it in your hands, because it was for them that you made it.

AK-47 didn’t add anything - even the spring of the return mechanism was monolithic. A modification of AKM-47 does not exist.

To be honest, it hardly comes to me, why should we sell the Su-57. No, I understand investment in production, then yes. And how to fight with their Su-57? I read the memories of veterans about what kind of hemorrhoids were to fill up the T-34, zatrofeiny fritzami. And then a super-duper pepelats.

unfortunately too late. China partner of Pakistan, in many areas of weapons, still Europe

so why do we saw trillions on a non-build 57 SU, when we have a 5 aircraft of the eighties generation

Yes, so far we have not so much new technology, and not because it is worse than overseas, but because there is not enough money for everything. Now, if someone buys our equipment, thereby investing its production.
This is the law and unfortunately it is true. Our time will come and our equipment will be happy to buy, because it is easy to operate, cheaper and more reliable. And the F-35 was stripped from our 80 plane. and feel free to sell it around the world.

And did someone expect admiration and joyful applause?

You still found the "Baptism of Rus" by Vladimir!
Get people into the water with your AK-47 pounded

Indians refused not only from SU. They and MiGs for the aircraft carrier returned to Russia. The latter broke down after several landings on the ship. And they constantly complain about our worthless aircraft maintenance and the constant lack of spare parts for them.

The exoskeleton about which you write copied from amerikosy, in particular the model of the company Lockheed Martin.
So based on the volume of your knowledge, you work as a janitor ...

Regarding Kalashnikov, for a long time, a prvda watched a documentary about amerikosy in Avganistan, everyone goes with AKM, angede has its own rifle

Modern aircraft are technically sophisticated, and require a huge army of suppliers for their production and repair, so during the war their first batch flies off, and then they have to wake up to simpler tins to stamp their number. Contrary to the opinion of the end of the world, a modern war will be long because radiation does not immediately kill.

And vice versa: if you love the Motherland, this does not mean that our weapons are better. Today, our weapons are not only worse than the American (as worse as machines, electronics, materials, machines, drilling, airplanes), but also much smaller. It makes no sense to compare the aircraft with the aircraft, if one country has, say, 500, and the other 30.
And we don’t throw caps - other times. Only giant investments in education and science can save (not the same as Skolkovo, naturally). Here is our main lag.

Little, such a little boy! I served in the army in 1065, and we had AK47 and AKM 47 assault rifles. The second one has a butt. Grow up, learn, and then clever.

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India broke the contract with rashka. And what have the states ???

Not everything and not everywhere. In slums everywhere is sad. With money you can live fun everywhere.

Because the production of 1 million dollars need less than 1 tons of cotton. So the whole World is working in the STATES; we are not provided with a place in their scheme.

And who said that the children of the members of the EP are the brains of the nation, that you and your own are wrong.

- in Europe they live on American loans !!! that is why they put their tongue in the ass and do not blather !!! And the natural resources of Russia need to dig up. Sell and deliver to the consumer and only after that a penny will fall into the budget and then as a percentage of the deal !!! Do not swing your BALL illiteracy compatriots !!!

Our Russian military whom you will beat around the finger xy-xy-xy tremble and still do not understand Russian Ivan is very cunning everything that is already passed and what will be already outdated as new you can not catch up with the same cosmos the whole universe or is it really unclear whether it is but how much more can you explain ...

Is it possible that in the Euro-Europe and the USA all live better than in Russia, I do not believe ...

Let me paraphrase the well-known statement “Any state only then is worth something when it is able to defend itself.” And I’ll give you something else that is “You don’t want to feed your army, you will feed someone else’s.”

The budget is spent not on people, but on the military and the police - the support of the cowardly regime of thieves.

Over the mound, children learn, as a rule, troechniki. And the main thing for them is to learn how to “make the right money”. All brains worth anything in Russia are learned. Analyze the history of outstanding figures of science and technology in Russia. They are, as a rule, Russian nuggets. Yes, many were behind the hill. But science is international. And acquaintance with foreign achievements is necessary. But only for orientation, choice of ways. And in this we have no equal in the world. Confirmation - China. All his achievements are based on the Russian mind.

Anybody no technology !!!

Yes, it was in 90, when there was nothing to eat, brains were leaving, but now they are returning, I am a witness to that. five people returned to the Institute, now heads of laboratories. The salary is not less than in the Duma. And they invented a lot of new things, you just lie on the sofa, you are too lazy to read on the Internet. On EW, Americans are lagging behind on the 10-15 years. And the ZRK is generally the best in the world, and the Americans admit it. Isokeletons we already go to the troops, fighting robots, too. In general, our scientists have long been ahead of the rest. Now you can scream Hitler kaput, thank Metanyahu.

How else would the Pentagon beg another money?

100 times weaker

if you don’t like your homeland, it doesn’t mean that our weapons are worse than theirs

In recent years, military spending in the US is about $ 600 billion per year. In Russia - about 66 billion. The question is: why in Russia, which has more natural resources and natural resources than all European countries combined, people live worse than in Europe, in the USA?

It is necessary to sit and reasonably think about the remaining brains, first; in the USSR there were no cartoons about weapons, everything was secret. Secondly; at that time we were really preparing for war, and with the population, defense training sessions were conducted and there were many operational bomb shelters. Thirdly; military service was 2 of the year + 1, and what we now have is, well, nothing like a cartoon for war. And here an assumption emerges, and not a spectacle of all this, they say, there is a reason to solemnly meet, sign a peace treaty and create a single world government to resolve the military and economic situation, so to speak. But maybe I'm wrong, and the matter is simply to reduce the population of the earth.

In the USA, on the contrary, they say that in many components of new military developments they are lagging behind Russia and China. The "poor fellow" "exhausted themselves", begging for money for the military budget in order to catch up with the Russians !!!

You described your mentality very accurately !!!
And obviously your circle of communication is the same.

Why write about what you don’t understand? Russia lags behind in everything, in air defense, hypersound, in small nuclear engines, in laser installations. And you are Eugene the whiner and the fifth column, everything is good for you in the West.

I thought and thought that I grunted, did not come up. Boyars could not weave a magic carpet-plane. Snake-Gorynych now burst wakes us

even if you can do anything, then at least cats and dogs hungry feed them at home, and then Putin’s bad brains flow away only negative positive let's start the namesake with you

the main thing is not independence

What kind of war did the raptors take part in? Bombing the civilian population is possible and seeing a drying run away. India is Gypsies.

well blow up your cheeks and invent a perpetual motion machine

We have all the development released in the products were made in the USSR, whether it be to move the Zhiguli, the aircraft, the rocket. In Putin's Russia, no inventions were made, only the modernization of old. It is possible to talk about some kind of refinement, but it will not be there, who will come up with something if all the prospective brains go abroad. Any EP politician teaches his child over the hill, obviously not because we can be proud of our education and generally work on it, not something to invent ... No matter how we chase the USA, we are lagging further and further thanks to our mentality at the heart of which, stupidity, stupidity, bull and not independence ...

And you go to Auschwitz.

haha - google "Ilon Musk"))

March 22 2019 in 15: 21
So it seems that the Americans are still flying on Russian rockets into space and for the foreseeable future there is no alternative. They do Tamagawks for others, and they themselves use good quality reliable Russian rockets.

Well, firstly, AKM is not "sketched" with AK, but is its modernization. And secondly, no AK-47 has ever existed. The Kalashnikov assault rifle 56-A-212 GRAU was simply called AK. Without any numbers.
No problems associated with punching, no Schmeisser decided - and that is why in the 1953 year, they switched to milling.
The American M14 is a development of the M1 Garand, and has no relation to the StG44 at all. and M-16 comes from AR-10 Eugene Stoner and also has nothing to do with the trigger and the gas engine StG44.

You would learn a materiel and not disgrace.

Balabol somehow you are. You are carrying this snowstorm about the Soviet obsolete weapons not because you don’t know about the latest types of completely new weapons that are already entering the Russian army and which are not found in any country and will not be there soon, but because you are an ordinary mercenary amerikosovsky gulp, which for 100 dollars will not only sell the Motherland, but also my mother. And yet, I like it when the traitors from the fifth column are angry when they are exposed.

At one time, even Algeria returned 15 dryers to us due to technical inconsistencies. And these planes were purchased by our Ministry of Defense. I mean, we don’t buy junk. If everything would be OK, then why did India terminate the contract? We do not have money???? Exempt Comrade. Putin at least one of his friends, their own and you 200 pieces. And by the way, Saakashvili put three of his friends for corruption. Not really Comrade. Putin is weaker? Saakashvili?

Pasternak and celery, which is not a vegetable, then a Jew ...
If there is no water in the tap, it means that we drank

when it was surprised, after buying a VAZ 2109 in Turkey, quality for ourselves and for export, but the fact remains. These tales for idiots that we sell goods with old technologies, just the buyers have better things than our army and fleet

"There are no Jews among the traitors"

Anatoly, and you are funny. The list of Jewish Pozriotov rootless do not accidentally provide. I can tell you where to get .... for example, the zonderkommand

They even stole the melody of their anthem. Could not come up with their own. But they sing it selflessly.

Sorry, but Benya is an abbreviated Benjamin.
And Yeltsin is Boria, a distorted Boruch.

Igor Sikorsky's father, Ivan Sikorsky, was a famous Russian psychologist, a professor and an active Russian nationalist, who preached the idea of ​​the superiority of the Russian nation. In 1913, at the trial against Beilis, he acted as a witness for the accusations against the Jews, which aroused fury among the then liberals.

And rightly so. Here I read reviews and I think how many idiots we have besides shouting urryayayay we are better than not

Here are some balabols who write that all over the world Kalash automatic weapons. Amerikosy fly rockets made in Russia. This was all the USSR did, and Russia simply appropriated them. We don’t have anything worthwhile created after XNUMH of the years.

AKM, if copied, then with AK-47. Ak-47 has nothing to do with STG, absolutely different design. Like Schmeiser, AK-47 did not participate in the development, but only helped launch it into production and helped solve some technological problems, in particular, cold stamping of parts. But the American - M-14 M-16 ... They have some 1 design elements in 1 lapped to the STG without changes.

Complete nonsense, completely different designs

So exactly

AKM sketched with StG-44

Kalashnikov assault rifle !!! But you name at least one state where he (Kalashnikov assault rifle) is not present !!! ???

... never before have modern technologies been transferred with the product ... even Russian Kalash are very different from the Bulgarian ones (now they are considered the best, since the GDRs were the best after the Soviet Union, it did not reach out) ... neither the Chinese nor India they never received high-tech production technologies, and the fact that they produce our samples is just marketing — only those technologies are delivered. Which are already yesterday, atoms and the day before yesterday ... no other country in the world was able to copy their staff, especially in case of shortage the technological information ... Kalash rivet around the world. But as soon as the automatic machines from the bins of Ukraine appeared on the market, production of Kalash collapsed everywhere ... now it rises again ... you see all the weapons warehouses in Ukraine have uncharted some drone-gunners There is nothing more to trade ... with the Hindus in general the whole life the Jewish bargaining goes, honor for them and praise, they can count the money, only they have miscalculated with dryers, now they could get them much cheaper than later, when they all need them, more. what doubts do they wear tual in nature and are not more than a veiled attempt to extort-schitayut.chto Russia to sell more important than ... wait for them to buy, that Pakistan will buy ...

Everything is much simpler, no one has pilots of this class, like Russians, to fly and fight on such planes. The rest is excuses.

Jews trade everything ... ready to sell any and all ...

one word MOISHA

Only the structure was ripped off from the FAA. Read the story.

He was interested in the history of science. I understood that everyone stole ideas from each other. And the theory of universal attraction was invented by R. Hooke, not Newton.

What is the motherland? The Jews do not have it, there is nothing to trade. If you mean Israel, then he appeared at the behest of Stalin, and the Americans were against. The Russians did not plunder their homeland, they plundered its Jews, and you say they do not bargain! Any schoolchild understands this, it is enough to have at least some brains.

So it seems that the Americans are still flying on Russian rockets into space and for the foreseeable future there is no alternative. They do Tamagawks for others, and they themselves use good quality reliable Russian rockets.

The Jews of Jesus surrendered for 30 coins, so shut up ..

With such a "disgrace" Pindos treason, and with Ben Yeltsin all the pros ... whether. So close your mouth and do not smerdy

Cooperation with the Indians does not have good prospects due to its drift to the Anglo-Saxons. Cooperation with Pakistan is more promising, especially since Paks are allies of Zhongguo and with this we will strengthen his ally, which will be correct.

Aleks, Jews do not trade homeland. There are no Jews among traitors, as among Russians. Enough even Vlasov with his army. I have information that you mate with a donkey, so you have brain inflammation


Here is the main shame of Russia, Putin immediately distributes the newest technologies to China and India, practically, for nothing! Russian scientists and designers have been working for decades, creating technologies, investing hundreds of billions in the product and ... Putin once gives away all achievements China and India! It's time to drive the holy fool out of the Kremlin!


no need to offend our people, and then you can earn money by an attractive face.

Sikorsky is actually a Pole from an ancient noble family. Not every name in English is Jewish.

You do not know what corruption in the west, and squealing here under the western tune.

Something you know, some kind of porridge at the very: Hawker, Harrier, Yak-38, Yak-141, the schemes are different, and for the intended purpose, and even more so on the TTD.

in Russia, the level of corruption exceeds the limit, the authorities steal by the billions, and they don’t even want to pay their miserable retirement, so all experts who want to live and work honestly and who have brains, whether they are Russians or Jews, leave for the West at the first opportunity. from the west will only increase

There are no more intelligent Jews than other nations, but they know how to inflate their cheeks.

Nobody doubts that Sikorsky (and you too) are Jews. Here and so everything is clear, the Jews are always there, where they benefit. They are for 10 silver and not only that their compatriot will sell their Motherland, which they already have since 1947, thanks to Stalin ...

You gadget! I, too, am a homebrew expert.

Yak-41 \ 38 (and what is it?) = Grumman (?) \ Harrier
If you are so interested in aviation, then read carefully and look at the pictures. Yak-41M (Yak-141) and Hawker Siddeley (British Aerospace, Macdonnel-Douglas) FRS, GR, AV-8 - planes of completely different schemes. Here amers from Yakovlev bought (yes, did not hesitate to buy documentation on the rotary nozzle, which now delights everyone in the F-35 ...

VAZ 2101 was a licensed (!) Copy of FIAT-124 - the best model of its 1967 class of the year. USSR purchased the plant and the right to release. Everyone knew that then. Now, probably forgotten. So about any "stolen" speech can not be.

VAZ 2101 was produced from 1970 to 2012 year !!! Half a century! A spizzhenny chocks Fiat 124. 1967 model year!

Here are the Indian prostitutes, as Pakistan attacked, so did the victory of Russian aviation. How to pay money, Russia will not have enough "resources".

And the Americans stole everything created in recent years30-40 from the Indians, Chinese, Russians, and others, who happened to work for them!

In what place is the yak harier?

and scho ??

From the referentura embassy Pindostana scribble?

With your brains, Alexash, the usual spring ...

Spying on a “neighbor” is a common world practice. The British, Japanese and Americans are particularly successful in this past century. But about Kalashnikov, you are wrong. Now even the "schoolchildren" know this. If we even talk about who borrowed from whom, what - look at the machine gun Fedorov 1905 (?) Of the year, in 1914 it was put into service with the royal guards. In my opinion (not professional) most modern weapons were copied from it. Who took the mechanics, and who design.

Yes .. yes .. exactly .. xerocopy remove .. and Sikorsky voobshe t about not Russian and a Jew, and in England and in the United States all the Jews come up .. so sho, you do not really praise, nothing trapitsya. Glory to the children of Israel

The Yak-141 is the Yak-41 / 38.
The Yak-41 / 38 is Grumman Harrier.
Who stole from whom ???

yak-141 is a copy of the Yak-41 / 38, which in turn is lapped up with Grumman Harrier, an English vertical take-off deck

better scrap metal than a flying coffin. you can pass the scrap

Only history shows the opposite. remember about atomic bombs, submarines, tanks (T-34 is a copy of an English tank, plus M1931 units), a Kalashnikov assault rifle (this is a German stg44 submachine gun, and its creator Hugo Schmeisser accidentally captured by the Russians in the Kalashnikov team, well, so accidentally worried) .

all that is stolen from you, the poor, the unfortunate.

The Yak is Grumman Harrier, stolen from the British, the first vertical take-off aircraft in the world.

black-ass quite ohameli

What else can Americans write? They also need to somehow spoil us. They cannot in the field of scientific and technological progress and armaments, so at least from the corner in the back spit. For them, this is a characteristic behavior!

And in general, the Americans copied all their aircraft carriers with Kuzi, and the Abrams tanks with the t-34

It was Yak-141

For the time being, defense is measured with money, it is only an imitation of defense.


And then I do not remember the F35 copy of our Yak with a vertical takeoff. It was created for the Navy of the USSR.

If SU-57 was needed at least for Russia, then it would not be built one piece each year.

Yep Americans and their sixes, poor Banderovites, naturally, do not need Su-57! Amer should push its scrap metal to the world market, under the name F-35.


Best in the world of aviation

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