India: Russian fighters are a stone age

India refused to buy Russian combat fighters.

Despite the fact that, until recently, the Indian Air Force was actively exploiting Soviet and Russian combat aircraft, it became known that this country was preparing to acquire X-NUMX American F-110V fighters without even considering the purchase of Russian-made aircraft. Such a decision, according to the Indian side, is due to the low cost of American warplanes, their high efficiency, as well as acceptable reliability.

According to the Chinese edition “Sina”, the main reason for the refusal to buy Russian combat aircraft from India is their small efficiency, while the very same Su-35 will cost India a huge amount.

“The Indian side is interested in buying American F-110V fighter jets 16. We were forced to abandon the acquisition of Russian aircraft because of their low efficiency. In fact, compared to the US, Russian fighters are a stone age. ”- comment on this information in the Indian press.

It should be clarified that the cost of buying X-NUMX American F-110 combat fighters would cost India’s budget only 16 billion dollars, while buying Russian Su-6 fighter jets in the same amount would cost 35-2 more expensive, however in their combat qualities, the Russian Su-3 aircraft are significantly superior to the American F-35, which is expressed both in armament and maneuverability.

Каменный век - это песни в индийском кинематографе.

And you find on the sites joint American-Indian exercises, where the Indians on the MiG-29 tore the Americans with their F-16 clean, out of ten fights, the Indians won all ten, and then, when the same exercises were held in the United States, the Americans decided to take revenge and even connected to the AWACS, which gave targeting only to the Americans, the result of 9 / 1 in favor of the Indians, and that's easy for you to break, and this is the Indians, so our pilots will then do it to them.

Well, we’ll sell to China or Pakistan, competitors of India, F-16 compared to our Su-35, really Stone Age, Indians have already forgotten how they were on MIG-29 airplanes, five years ago, at joint American-Indian exercises, training air battles rolled out these praised F-16, out of ten battles, the Indians won all ten, and now they themselves buy this junk, and they say about the Russian aircraft the Stone Age, they are strange, as always, lack of money causes the fact that American is better because it is cheaper and what is not buying ie F-15, are even cheaper, so the plague, well, the flag in their hands.

Whistle you boy! I am also from the military town and I do not remember that someone should fall.

At one time, the Chekists revealed, I don’t remember exactly the last name, but this is not the main thing. traitor. who poured scientific information on aviation, the CIA. Then he, neatly, began to slip a misinformation, including the STELS.Z_a system, which the United States seized. And in the end, spent a lot of money and most importantly TIME. And as a result, Yugoslavia Overwhelmed 2 F 22 with old complexes

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Do not buy, because Russian planes - shit! Yes, 110 F16 will easily break 35 dryers. Here is the benefit!

Well, let's, let's dissolve srach on the subject. In India, all government structures are corrupt to eat even stronger in Russia, apparently the Amers made someone a better offer and their F16 pushed forward. However, it is not enough to buy fighters, pilots need to be trained, agree on repairs and maintenance, etc. It has long been said that the Russian side did not offer the most convenient conditions for the latter (the Indians wanted to place parts and components on their own territory with technology transfer, which our refused to do), which made the Indians occasionally glance to the side. Lockheed Martin just offered to move its Texas production line and cooperation with Indian Tata. The French also expressed their readiness with their Rafale.

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Russia alone

Hooray-patriots now tears apart.

Buy not 110 but 40 of SU-37 airplanes from us, and this will be equivalent., But with American airplanes the Indians will still suffer.

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How do they know? This is not a dance song. The Hindu pilot is nonsense for me.

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F-16 cost significantly higher than SU-35, losing in efficiency. Contracts for the supply of SU-35 with India have already been signed. What dummy wrote this article?

Everything is easier. The United States threatened sanctions and they were just scared. Russia alone with China sneezed on America.

... A man came out of the forest .. I did not know that the war was over for a long time)))))

Gelendvagen, single-engine, is available from the year of your birth, compared to the Oise-goat - Stone Age, one dashboard is worth something, neither ammeter, nor oil pressure gauge, garbage, in a word, not a car.

2019 Eve of the year. I read and see the film "Tractorists" - Armor is strong and our tanks are fast.

lagged behind, however, Hindus and Chinese overwhelm the world with fairly high-quality products, but the Chinese have raised the standard of living of the population, and the Hindus have scored it and their labor is cheaper than in China, and they spend a lot of money because it is very often irrational

So they put an ultimatum
If you want to buy С400, take and and f 16 then there will be no sanctions! Here they tucked tail.

That's right, compare the same Russian-made and American phones. Russia is monstrously lagging behind in technology, if not for the legacy of the USSR, there would have been a level of sticks with stones.

And here is another news. The USA ALLOWED India to buy oil from Iran. Economy + politics.

Yap! This is a rare situation, you can re-read on the fingers! And mainly because of the pilots, and not because of technical faults! I have 16 years for garrisons from Kamchatka to the Baltic States, during this time only one case with MIG 21.

"European cars were less effective and significantly more expensive, the Military Watch reports. The United States has also repeatedly stated its readiness to sell the F-35 fighter to India. However, Delhi shows interest in the Russian MiG-35. The MiG-35 is superior payload, is more maneuverable. Also, the Russian aircraft is easier to maintain .. "
MOSCOW, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Svetlana Tsygankova

Somehow it is necessary to justify the enchanting deflection ... especially when you consider that the service Americans never include in the contract, and the software will be under the complete control of Americans — flag them in a delicate place!
In training battles between the Indian Su30 and the American F16, the Indians for the most part defeated, although you hardly call them outstanding pilots.

C-300 to Pakistan have already gone?

Where has it been seen that the gypsies on the isribiteli flew, and not on horses galloped, these are some kind of wrong gypsies, the American ones.

in India, pro-American power now, they will say anything on command

Complete nonsense. Trump delivered an ultimatum to the Indian side that if the Indians bought Russian military equipment, the pendoses would stop supplying spare parts and servicing the previously sold F-16, which currently constitute the combat base of the Indian Air Force. Pure economic calculation. Hindus have clicked the calculator, here and have refused Dryers.

Do not lie for 15 years of service at the airport Tunoshno lost 2 MIG 23 - very fine machine

then lie, American cheaper in everything

I do not believe this news. I think this is another fake. The fact is that F-16 compared to Su-35 is a stone age. Airplanes of different levels and time.

I served in the aviation. Yes it happens, fall. The reasons are different, testing, equipment failure, pilot error, but believe no more than in America. Fall everywhere.

I was born in a military town and rarely did we have a month without accidents with a plane crash (Mig 21, Mig 23).

Hindus buy from those who pay more bribes. No contract will be approved without it.

Drying fell in the gardens, because they were served by lazy and hand-held Indians. We do not fall. But F-16 regularly

Murat, you are very right. Do not even look ...

We eat up the Soviet legacy. Nothing to boast of the current rulers. Personnel who decide everything either died out or left the country long ago. There are only managers who are trained to cut budget money. So you have to show cartoons in which hypersonic rockets or nuclear-powered rockets fly.

Well, such an expert, like you, will believe only a complete blockhead

F-16 are available from the 1974 year. A single-engine obsolete aircraft that pendosnya vparivaet third countries)) Cheap but rotten, expensive and nice. The miser pays twice, the fool three times. Let them buy, oh and namyatsya ...

At first, the 35 selling price was an order of magnitude lower, but then = someone = wanted to weld on this from here and the conclusion

The Indian thriller 2 series .. at the end of the movie everything will be fine everyone dances and sings .. and even relatives .. make conclusions

Oh yeah..!! Indians are great specialists in armament. Maybe just Pindos sent money to anyone ...

Just Indians never put all their eggs in one basket. If you have bought something from us, it means that another will be bought from NATO. Rafali is better than F16 by an order of magnitude, but it is also more expensive, but there is simply no one else to take from, Eurofighters are also expensive and outdated