India made a stir because of Russian fighters

India called Russian fighters extremely dangerous.

As follows from the information provided in the Indian media, the purchase of Russian combat fighters by Pakistan will be a serious problem for India. We are talking about Su-35 fighters, who in Pakistan were highly appreciated for their unique capabilities and high combat qualities.

According to the information provided by the "Tribune India" publication, the appearance of Su-35 Russian fighters in Pakistan poses a serious danger for the Indian side, and the Indian Defense Ministry is advised to think about buying similar combat vehicles and even resume cooperation with Russia in the design of a fifth-generation fighter «FGFA».

"The Russian Su-35 fighter is a unique aircraft that can be compared to its combat qualities even with the fifth-generation American fighters F-35 and F-22. The emergence of these aircraft in Pakistan creates a threat to India's national security ", - emphasize the specialists.

Whether India will try to dissuade Russian colleagues from abandoning the deal with Pakistan and whether they will acquire similar planes remains unknown, but this fact is frightening for the Indian side, especially as Pakistan can adopt the fifth-generation fighters in the future as well negotiations are underway with the PRC.