Explanation of flight recorders


Information from the flight recorder was damaged MH17 flight

from Farnborough experts said that part of the data on the second "black box" may be damaged.

This kind of data is provided by SkyNews, while informing that the data have been successfully transferred from the flight recorders on the other keepers of information, but in the process of decoding problems may occur. Will a truly "black boxes" with wrecked Boeing 777 provide information in Ukraine about what happened?

As you know, "black boxes" are able to withstand the overload in the G 3400, 1000 temperature in degrees Celsius, the hydrostatic pressure at the depth of up to 6 kilometers, etc., but for unknown reasons, "black box" was damaged, although its external examination does not say about it.

It is noted that due to the incident, information from flight recorders can be deciphered only in a few weeks.


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