Investments in Russian airlines. A promising beginning.


Investments in Russian airlines. A promising beginning.

Investments in Russian airlines. Promising start

A lot of Russian air carriers were subject to sanctions from the US and EU, and this definitely affected the financial condition of these airlines. Absence of customers, debts on leasing payments, debts to a number of aviation enterprises, etc. - all these are pressing problems for aviation.

Not so long ago, several Russian airlines immediately addressed the public and stated their desire to find investors, which in some way could help the airlines get out of the current crisis situation and provide very solid prospects for the future. In view of the fact that the countries of the European Union were very skeptical about the development of the Russian aviation sector, Russian air operators decided to turn their views towards the East, and it is worth noting that it was crowned with very high hopes. Just the other day it became known that at once two Chinese air carriers - airlines Air China and Hainan Airlines have intentions to purchase shares of the Russian air carrier "Yakutia", and the potential investors and the leadership of the airline "Yakutia" were satisfied with the negotiations that can be carried Good changes for Russian civil aviation and for a number of airlines separately.

Selection and positive trends

Investments are unique engines of development, thanks to which one can rely on a solid and promising activity, and this applies absolutely. Including air transportation. Most American and European airlines use the opportunity to obtain foreign capital on equivalent terms.

Not so long ago, literally this week it became known that the Chinese economy could outstrip the US economy, and this is definitely a good signal for all those who are interested in obtaining investments. Equally interesting is the fact that two Chinese airlines offered to invest in the Russian airline "Yakutia", which is a sure sign that in the near future this Russian airline can expect favorable operating conditions.

The greatest interest for the airline "Yakutia" should be the state carrier of China - the airline Air China, which can reduce the possible risks to almost zero. However, cooperation with foreign state-owned enterprises may turn into a slightly slower development, which does not preclude cooperation with another Chinese carrier, Hainan Airlines.

The nearest prospects which can be seen by the Russian airlineYakutia"From cooperation with foreign investors, are, first of all, in joint work on improving the airline's activities. As a result, the air carrier may have new air routes, the number of the airline's customers will increase, and consequently, profits may increase, which almost everyone aspires to.

Naturally, when it comes to purchasing an 49% of shares from the company, then certain risks are possible, but with the right approach to the matter, they can be minimized as much as possible.

Important findings

To date, many Russian air carriers are in an extremely difficult economic situation, and in most cases only foreign investments can help stay in the aviation sector. The sale of shares of Russian airlines among foreign air carriers can help to resume the normal operation of air carriers. Naturally, the other day Rosaviatsiya promised a number of major Russian airlines to provide reliable assistance, but this is only as one of the means. The potential advantages offered to airlines can really help to get out of difficult situations, and besides, it can lead to a number of spectacular prospects and promising beginnings.