Iran attacks US military base in Syria, killing one US soldier, wounding six

As a result of Iranian strikes on a US military base in Syria, one soldier was killed and six wounded.

During the next shelling of the territory of the American military base in Syria, the Iranian military managed to make serious progress. As it turned out, in addition to the destruction at a military facility, it is also known that as a result of an attack by unmanned aerial vehicles, one American soldier was killed, and six more were injured.

In response to the attack by unmanned aerial vehicles, the United States attacked the military base of the IRGC in the vicinity of the city of Deir ez-Zor, as journalists have already reported. However, almost immediately after that, the pro-Iranian groups tried to repeatedly fire at the American military base with unguided rockets, but all of them did not reach their targets and hit a residential building in the territory of the settlement. Diban. As a result, at least two Syrian citizens were injured.

The situation in Syria between Iranian groups and US troops continues to escalate. Experts do not exclude that this could lead to real large-scale military clashes.


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