Iran attacked another British oil tanker "RIAH"

Iranian warships attacked a British oil tanker flying the flag of Panama.

Iranian warships attacked and captured the oil tanker RIAH, allegedly belonging to Britain, but marching under the flag of Panama. According to some information, the oil tanker was fired from large-caliber machine guns, as it entered the territorial waters of Iran, after which it was seized by assault.

The CNN television channel reports that Iranian warships forced the RIAH tanker to enter the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic, however, given the distance and heavy traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, this information is hardly true. According to this source, the oil tanker belonged to the UAE.

According to the Telegram of the Gallifrey Technologies, the oil tanker RIAH went under the flag of Panama, but belonged to the UK, and the fact of seizing this vessel could be related to the recent incident in the Strait of Gibraltar when the British military launched an attack on Iranian oil tanker Grace 1.

There are no official comments on this score, however, it is reported that there is no connection with the crew of the RIAH tanker for two days.