Iran launched a large-scale kamikaze drone attack against Israel - the first wave was almost completely shot down

Iran has launched a major attack on Israel. According to the latest data, the Jerusalem Post reports dozens of drones launched from Iran towards Israel. The Israeli army (IDF) confirmed this information, clarifying that they were monitoring all targets. Radio station Kan adds that the expected time for the drones to reach Israeli territory is around 2:30 Moscow time.

Sources also claim that in addition to drones, Tehran may also have used missiles. Al Arabiya TV channel reports a large number of Iranian UAVs that crossed the airspace in southern Iraq, after which Iraqi Transport Minister Razzaq al-Saadawi announced the closure of the country's airspace and the suspension of all flights.

According to the latest information, the Israeli army has increased its combat readiness. IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari clarified that the Israeli Air Force's defense and attack systems were put on alert.

Sources report that the first wave of Iranian drones was almost completely shot down over Iraqi territory, however, there were additional drone launches from Iranian territory - the second and third waves, in total about 100 kamikaze drones


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