The fighter Chengdu J-10


Iran is dissatisfied with the Russian fighters MiG-29

Iran called the Russian fighters MiG-29 expensive and useless.

The Soviet MiG-29 fighters form the backbone of the Air Force of Iran, however, according to the Chinese edition of Sina, these combat aircraft, which are currently armed with Iran's 36 units, have recently ceased to satisfy the military, and Iran intends to replace the Soviet and Russian MiG-29, Chinese fighters Chengdu J-10.

According to the publication "Sina", Iran is considering the acquisition of 60 Chinese fighters Chengdu J-10, which will make these combat aircraft the main weapon in the Iranian Air Force, greatly enhancing the military potential of the Islamic Republic.

"Iran is under strong pressure from the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, as a result of which, this country needs to strengthen its military capabilities. Most of the fighters of Iran are considered morally obsolete, and some of them can not be used at all for combat missions. Since MiG-29 fighters cause Iran's dissatisfaction, and for this reason, this country wants to buy Chinese fighters of the fourth generation Chengdu J-10 ", - said in the publication "Sina".

It should be clarified that the fighter Chengdu J-10 has proved very good, but the reasons for which Iran remains dissatisfied with Russian aircraft have not yet been fully clarified.

* Chengdu J-10 - Chinese multifunctional all-weather fighter of the fourth generation, developed at the end of 90-ies of the last century.

Of course, and then later on the plane to try.

For 28 years after the collapse of the USSR, naturally, the machines are obsolete. Of course, the military will be unhappy if the cars did not undergo modernization. But in fact there is a MiG-29 modernization potential, use it, buys new equipment, new engines and you will be happy.

Do not confuse Iran with Iraq!

Rather, F-16 ...))

Well, Russia and the USSR copied a lot, as well as the Chinese, and the results were also different, sometimes much worse, and sometimes a breakthrough (for example, in space)

Firstly, the hucksters are not happy and always. And in the second, the Chinese also need to sell their own. Non-sweeping competition has not been canceled by anyone. But decide the battle and training of pilots.

Let the American F-35 buy, they are cheap and useful. and the US will be happy to sell them military aircraft of the new generation. can even be given free of charge ... but seriously, the Iranians should be grateful to Russia for having reconciled them with the West and made it possible to lift the sanctions. And now, when the US again imposed sanctions against them and coerced others - it will not be so interesting for us to support them again

Arabs and Persians (Iranians) are two big differences

Probably kosher colleagues from the Russian Federation do not inspire confidence

In Russia, until overhaul, 300 hours turned out. Average.

The Iranians have a moment 29A are old very old (modification A-1977), training and combat training. (wiki 36шт МиГ-29А / У / УБ for 2016 year). It's just time to change to new ones. Why not Russian is another matter. Maybe they do not want to strengthen Iran, but there are few reasons.

The Jews will help them .... China will not put anything to them. Just like We ... The Jews wet the Arabs and ... no sanctions ...

What a wonderful tribe of commentators here gathered? !! Do you think you're a fool? The Chinese do not ever make a deal if it is not profitable for them. If they signed the contract, it means that they have brought down the price lower than nowhere. And this release only to keep the partner (I mean RUSSIA) on a short leash.

Once China wanted to buy only 2 SU-35. Then they were shown a cuckoo and sent far, far away! Now the Chinese returned from there and signed a contract for 24 aircraft. But the contract includes not only the supply of the sides themselves, but also the training of the servicemen, pilots, as well as a bunch of weapons for these aircraft and spare parts. So, the total amount of the contract in 2,5 billion dollars is quite a normal price. And what, the Chinese thought to copy a new engine for free? Well, the old engine from SU-27 they copied, so what? The claimed plaque on it is only about 1000 hours, although in fact even less, somewhere around 600 hours it turned out. So, ours did everything right and the Chinese, by the way, agreed with both the price and the number of sides

Is this the Chinese resource of this Aviapro? Something painfully zealously they heat the Chinese

Aviapro always relishes when someone skewed at our equipment looked,

Koltchengie and then noted ... Sniffing now their poor copy of F-15 with a poor copy of Soviet avionics)))

Everything is becoming obsolete, and MIG-29 is no exception. And however, maybe you need to learn how to fly?


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