Iran plans to fully purchase Russian air defense systems

The media reported on negotiations between Iran and Russia on the acquisition of Russian air defense systems.

Despite the fact that Iran is more committed to the use of Soviet air defense and missile defense systems, and, in fact, is only engaged in their modernization, it became known that Russia and Iran have agreed on the full-scale purchase by Tehran of Russian air defense systems that will allow Iran to ensure maximum control of only in its airspace, but also over part of the region.

“Putin gave Iran peace of mind! More recently, Russia and Iran held relevant negotiations on the purchase of S-300. According to Russian officials, Iran will soon acquire a new batch of S-300 systems. Faced with the danger that the United States will wage war with Iran at any time, the purchase of S-300 air defense systems will have a huge impact on improving Iran’s defensive capabilities. As long as Russia and Iran join forces to confront the enemy, the US military can no longer act recklessly. ”- reports the publication "Sohu".

Experts believe that Tehran’s choice in favor of the Russian S-300 is primarily due to its rather high efficiency and relatively low cost, however, if it comes to acquiring a large batch of Russian air defense systems, Iran can thereby provide maximum protection against any external threats because the same S-400s, although they have improved characteristics, were nevertheless created precisely on the basis of the Russian S-300 systems.

What specific party S-300 is in question is not specified, while in Russia they do not comment on such information.

Absolutely the right decision, otherwise these shaitans from the hole of the VSA will not give rest! Work, brothers !!!


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