Iran tried to shoot down another American drone. Video

The Iranian military tried to destroy another American drone, but accidentally made a mistake.

A few hours ago it became known that the Iranian military tried to attack an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle in its airspace. It is reported on the use of EW, which was supposed to suppress the system of a drone, allegedly of American origin, however, after the drone crashed on the coast of Iran, it became known that the Iranian military was wrong.

According to published materials, instead of the American military unmanned aerial vehicle, the Iranian military drone allegedly belonging to the Iranian Navy suffered a crash.

According to preliminary estimates, the signal from the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle was regarded by Iranian EW as a signal from the American UAV, and therefore it was stated that Iran had destroyed the next American drone. On the other hand, experts do not exclude that in reality, an American drone spy could be in the same area, and the interception of its own UAV turned out to be an accident.

It should be clarified that after Iran destroyed the American secret drone, American aircraft stopped approaching the borders of Iran, but the flight intensity increased significantly.