Iran shot down an American plane with special forces on board

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down an American military plane.

A few hours ago, the Iranian military shot down an American military aircraft carrying US special operations forces on board, presumably taking part in the liquidation of Iranian general Kassem Suleimani earlier this year. The plane was shot down by an unknown missile, while all those on board, including some high-ranking CIA officers, were killed.

According to information provided by the Iranian news agencies Tasnim and Mashregh, the US Air Force plane carrying American commandos was shot down in eastern Afghanistan by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The reason lies in the fact that on board the plane were the persons responsible for the elimination of the Iranian general, the commander of the Quds forces, Qassem Soleimani, which is very plausible, especially against the background of the fact that earlier Tehran promised to eliminate those persons who are responsible for the operation against the commander Iran, however, a number of the source believes that this information is not true.



On the other hand, a lot of questions are caused by the fact that the area where the American military plane was shot down is quite far from the Iranian borders, in particular, we are talking about a distance of almost 600 kilometers, however, experts do not exclude that Tehran could well transfer its air defense assets, including MANPADS, to the territory of a neighboring country, where, by the way, high-ranking American officials, representatives of the US Presidential Administration and the Defense Veda were regularly seen mstva.



It should be clarified that Washington has not yet commented on the statement of the IRGC command of Iran about the destruction of an American aircraft, but judging by the damage received, the aircraft was indeed shot down, obviously, nevertheless, from MANPADS.


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