Rakten shelling


Iran again fired at an American military base in Iraq. Video

Iran fired several missiles at US military bases.

Tonight, pro-Iranian military units, and according to local media reports the Iranian military at all, fired several missiles at American military facilities in Baghdad. The launch was carried out from a distance of several kilometers, however, according to the source, which is also confirmed by the corresponding video frames, at least two missiles fell on the territory of American facilities, which led to a severe fire.

At the moment, there is no information about the victims and victims, however, given the outbreak of fire, experts believe that at least material damage was caused, which, however, in the United States does not want to comment.

It should be clarified that the attack was carried out from a residential area - a small launcher that made 10 volleys was transported by a motorcycle - it was later discovered, however, this fact suggests that in this way almost any US military object in this country can be attacked, especially given the fact that the US does not have effective air defense systems that can repel such attacks.

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