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Iran seized the second in two hours British oil tanker

In the territorial waters of Iran captured the second in two hours, a British oil tanker.

A few hours ago it became known that the Iranian Navy seized the British oil tanker Stena Impero, which allegedly violated the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic, and a few hours later, near the islands of Siri and Abu Musa, in violation of the territorial waters of Iran, The Mesdar tanker, which also violated the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic, was captured, at least twice.

According to the resource, the vessel “Mesdar” was not accompanied by ships of the British Navy, however, due to the violation of the territorial waters of a sovereign state, the British military ships could not take any measures.

According to the information provided by Telegram, the Military Observer community, upon the seizure of two British oil tankers, an emergency meeting was initiated in London, but experts say. What is the best thing the UK can do is to release the crew and the previously captured Iranian oil tanker Grace 1, making the appropriate apologies, since any other actions can almost certainly cause a military conflict.


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