Launch of ballistic missiles


Iranian ballistic missiles flew over the US Navy ship

"The most battle-worthy army" was disgraced all over the world.

According to the Chinese news agency Sina, 11 August 2018, Iran carried out the training launch of two ballistic missiles that flew towards the Strait of Hormuz, flew over a US Navy ship, whose crew, as it turned out, had no information about it until the last.

More recently, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) claimed that thanks to modern technology, the launch of absolutely any missiles, including ballistic ones, can be tracked, but it turned out that the American ballistic missile detection system simply did not work. Only after the crew confirmed the training launch of Iranian missiles, the ship was allowed to evacuate to a safe distance.

The US Department of Defense has so far not commented on this incident, but experts have already called it a complete humiliation for the United States of America.

"More recently, the president of" ... the most powerful country in the world ... "stated that the US military is aware of any missile launches. Nevertheless, the appearance of ballistic missiles in the sky over the American ship was a complete surprise for the crew. Imagine that two ballistic missiles are flying toward you, and you can not do anything ... ", - said the analyst

It should be clarified, at the time of launch, there was an American board in the sky, capable of tracking missile launches.

Experts do not exclude that the launch of two Iranian ballistic missiles could be specially initiated to demonstrate US domination in the region, but considering the policy of the United States, Iran may well be called an aggressively-minded country.

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