Bombshell in saudi arabia


Iranian drones destroyed two US Patriot complexes. Video

Iranian drones Samad-3 destroyed two Partiot complexes.

Yemeni rebels, actively attacking military bases and international air ports of Saudi Arabia, were able to destroy using Samad-3 drones, which are a copy of Iranian drones Ababil, also produced in Iran, were able to destroy not one, but two American complexes at once "Patriot".

On the presented video frames you can see one powerful explosion, and at the end of the video you can hear another explosion, accompanied by a flash, which confirms the success of the attack of the drones.

Edition of the destruction of the two Patriot systems at once is confirmed by publications. «Al masdar news» and "Military Review":

“The subject of heated debates in the Western and Russian military-analytic communities was the recent information about the successful use of the Samad-1 / 3 family of UAV-kamikazes against at least two M903 launchers of the Arabian anti-aircraft missile system Patriot PAC-3, which covered fortifications Saudi Arabian ground forces and Sudanese mercenary paramilitary forces in the border province of Marib ”

Experts, in turn, do not exclude that it is with this fact that additional deliveries of the Patriot air defense system to Saudi Arabia, as well as active criticism of Iran for supporting the Yemeni rebels, are connected.

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