The Iranian drone circled over the American warship for half an hour, but was not noticed. Video

Iran has demonstrated willingness to destroy US warships if necessary.

Despite the fact. that exactly a day ago, US President Donald Trump, in his statement, announced the shooting down of an Iranian military drone that approached the USS Boxer, the US drone was not only not shot down, but besides it was circling American warship over half an hour, remaining unnoticed.

As follows from the video, the Iranian military unmanned aerial vehicle, allegedly talking about the model "Shahed-123", was at an altitude of only about 1500 meters, and the approach to the US military ship "USS Boxer" was about 800-900 meters (estimated ed.), which indicates the fact that the crew of a military naval vessel simply did not notice the Iranian drone, which could well have been a drone equipped with anti-ship missiles.

“Trump had not had time to complete his speech, as the American media began to suggest that the drone could have been destroyed by a laser. Obviously, in this way in the USA they tried to justify in advance for the fact that the drone was watching the American warship, - the expert marks.

and this is nato color, more like the color of diarrhea