Shot down a drone


Iranian C-300 shot down US strategic drone RQ-4 Global Hawk

The Iranian air defense system destroyed the US strategic unmanned aerial vehicle.

A few minutes ago it became known that the Iranian air defense system launched a guided missile that successfully hit the American military reconnaissance UAV RQ-4 Global Hawk. The incident occurred at the time of the violation of Iran’s airspace by the Persian Gulf.

According to some reports, the C-4 complex, previously deployed to the region to protect airspace, was used to defeat the airspace after the US threats to launch a military operation in the Middle East to defeat the US strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-300 Global Hawk. To date, this is the most long-range air defense system in service with Iran, however, there is no official confirmation of the information that the C-300 was used exactly.

It is known that the unmanned aerial vehicle fell on the territory of Iran, in particular, it is reported that we are talking about the province of Hormozgan.

There are no official comments from the United States on this score, however, according to experts, an attempt to check the readiness of the Iranian air defense systems could be the cause of the flight of an American UAV in Iranian airspace.

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