Iranian special forces seized a tanker with 2 million barrels of contraband oil. Video

Iranian military officially confirmed the seizure of an oil tanker.

This afternoon it became known that Iranian special forces seized an unknown oil tanker, carrying about 2 million barrels of crude oil. The affiliation of the tanker to any of the parties is not indicated, however, according to some information, we are talking about the smuggling of oil from eastern Syria.

As follows from the data submitted to Telegram, the Gallifrey Technologies community, Iranian state television confirmed the seizure of a “certain” oil tanker, whose ownership was not disclosed.

At the same time, Telegram, the Military Observer community, citing a number of sources, reports that this is an oil tanker RIAH, which had previously disappeared off Iran’s territorial waters, but this information has not yet confirmed received, but noteworthy, that the Iranian Foreign Ministry reported that the tanker RIAH had sent a distress signal and was therefore transported to one of the ports in the territory of the Islamic Republic for repair.

Experts note that the seizure of an unknown oil tanker could be a signal to the UK that Iran’s intentions are serious to delay oil tankers with crude oil in response to the detention of Iran’s tanker Grace 1.