Launching a cruise missile


Tests of the new rocket: the world has found out why the United States broke off the INF Treaty

New American rocket: the whole world found out why the United States terminated the INF Treaty

The fact that Russia allegedly violates the Treaty on the Prohibition of medium- and short-range missiles is regularly reported by Western officials and politicians. Quite a lot on this topic and publications in the Western media. At the same time, the leaders of all states know that in fact they terminated the US INF Treaty, and their specific goal is to deploy missiles in European countries, which the treaty prohibits. Proof of this is once again provided by the Americans themselves.

The Associated Press, citing a Pentagon source, reported on the plans of the United States of America immediately after its release from the INF Treaty to test ground-based cruise missiles. The range of its flight is close to a thousand kilometers. The treaty prohibits the use of such missiles.

Probably, such a message will be what will relieve skeptics of the illusions of "Russian aggression." Although ... quite a lot of Americans and Europeans are distinguished by increased stubbornness, for them Russians are to blame for everything, including in these tests.

According to reports, this medium-range missile the United States can deploy on the island of Guam. It refers to the winged, and is able to fly at low altitude. Test it will probably be in August. The following tests, this time a ballistic missile, are planned by the United States in November. This rocket has a long range.

For more than thirty years, such weapons were banned, but after the US statement to suspend its participation in the INF Treaty with a subsequent exit from it, a mirror response of Russia followed. Now she can test such missiles.

On March 4, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree suspending Russia's implementation of the INF Treaty. The conditions of the Russian Federation stipulated by him will not be observed until the United States of America does not eliminate the violations they committed in fulfilling their obligations.