Shell-S destroyed


F-16 fighter destroyed in Syria, the Russian armored personnel carrier "Shell-S"

Fighter F-16 destroyed in Syria the Russian air defense system "Shell-S".

The head of the Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed the previously appeared data that the crew of the F-16 fighter managed to destroy one of the positional areas of the Pantsir-S air defense missile class with an air-to-surface missile. If initially it was reported that the “Shell-S” was destroyed by an artillery strike, then at the moment it is known that the missile at the Russian air defense system, which is in Syrian arsenal, was released from Turkish airspace.

“After this insidious attack, more than 200 targets of the regime were subjected to heavy shelling from our aircraft, UAVs and MLRS. As a result of the shooting, 5 helicopters, 23 tanks, 23 guns and howitzers, the air defense system BUK (SA-17), Shell-S (SA-22), 309 military regimes were neutralized. This attack was carried out despite the fact that the locations of our troops were previously agreed with Russian officials. After the first strike, despite the warning, the attack continued, and even during these air strikes the ambulances were destroyed. ”- приводит words of the Turkish Minister of Defense Star.

It is not known how exactly the air defense systems that were in full combat readiness could not repel the attack of the Turkish fighter, however, the current sleep data does not confirm this either by the Russian or the Syrian side, which can only be another provocation from Ankara.

It means that the Mustachioed Sultan is doing very bad !!! It’s understand that he won’t get rid of tomatoes !!! Although shout, don’t shout that they destroyed all the air defense and the Syrian army !!! And he is waiting for a meeting with the GDP !!! Tired look, bags under the eyes, probably diarrhea and a bad dream !!! The dream to surpass in the Middle East of Putin ended for the Sultan in complete collapse !!!

I remember that during the Iran-Iraq war, each side reported on its successes and the data varied exactly the opposite. Erdogan needs to make excuses, so his success must be divided by at least 5, or even 10

yah! the Turkish minister is shy - they destroyed almost the entire air defense system, artillery and armored vehicles! And the personnel in the SSA was almost gone. Well, that will be more correct. Yes?
Assad has already huddled in a corner and weeps.


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