MiG-31 fighter destroyed an intruder on Kamchatka

The crew of the Russian MiG-31 intercepted and destroyed an intruder in the sky over Kamchatka.

The representative of the Eastern Military District in the Pacific Fleet Nikolai Voskresensky told that the crews of Russian interceptors. As part of the ongoing military maneuvers, they were able to intercept in the sky over Kamchatka and destroy the plane that illegally violated the border of the Russian Federation.

“For its interception, another high-altitude fighter-interceptor MiG-31 was involved. He successfully conducted a search, captured a target, and then carried out an electronic launch of rockets. ”- stressed the Resurrection.

According to Nikolai Voskresensky, military exercises took place in difficult meteorological conditions, but the crews of MiG-31 interceptors were able to prove their highest professionalism and successfully coped with the task.

It should be clarified that the crews of MiG-31 fighter aircraft are far from demonstrating the successful interception of violating aircraft, while MiG-31 fighters, or rather their modification, are part of of the Dzhazhin missile complex, acting as a carrier aircraft hypersonic missile X-47М2.

Written as a doctrine!

Not quite clear: was the target really destroyed or did imitation of defeat take place?