The Su-57 fighter began to arrange India?

India is ready to reconsider its decision on the FGFA program.

Despite the fact that earlier India is very critical of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation of Su-57, and decided to abandon the implementation of the joint program with Russia "FGFA" (the project of the Indian-Russian fighter of the fifth generation on the basis of Su-57 - ed.), this country announced its readiness to reconsider its decision.

According to the information that has appeared, at the moment India is trying to find out the objective reasons why it was decided to abandon the Russian Su-57 fighter, and whether such a step became feasible. It is not excluded that India will again reconsider its decision and will want to cooperate with Russia on the "FGFA" project.

"By abandoning the Russian fighter of the fifth generation of Su-57, India was able to save several billion dollars, but lost the opportunity to adopt a high-tech fighter in the near future. Despite the fact that the Indian Air Force is one of the largest in the world, today the majority of operated fighters are obsolete machines ", - said the military analyst.

Among other things, given India's intentions to acquire Russian air defense systems from C-400, it will automatically leave India and without American F-35 fighters, that is, in fact, the country remained at a very disadvantageous position.

"By implementing the FGFA program and spending only a few billions of dollars, India could well be on the same level as the countries that adopted fifth-generation fighter aircraft, but given the denial, the fifth-generation fighter in India's arms is unlikely to appear earlier than 2035", - said a specialist

Yes, you buy "all-weather" rusting with a sliding stealth - coating "miracle" "apparently invisible" shortcomings from America ... already zadolbali

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That's why India does not want to buy F-35.

Why do India need this scrap metal? Haha to pay 9 larva is unclear for what ??


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